Internet Growth and the Benefits and Drawbacks of Modern Technology

Published: 2021-09-22 15:55:10
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Who doesn’t know about the Internet nowadays? It is a global network- a vast space of information and communication facilities. It works on the concept of interconnected networks using standardized communication protocols.The growth of the Internet is uncontrollable and eventually became a necessary part of every person’s routine.What we haven’t noticed is how the harmful effects significantly overcome the benefits we reap from it.More specifically, the Internet’s most pressing issue is on personal security and lack of control over information sources.The best response to this is for the government to enforce a stricter implementation of laws on Internet Privacy. This is in order for it to uphold their duty to protect the right of privacy of the people of the United States of America.
The most common gadgets that are commercially available for personal entertainment may now be used as a tool to invade one’s privacy. Teenagers today most likely own an Xbox, and sometimes while they are playing, they prefer to interact with friends. A “Kinect” makes it possible for them to do so.The Xbox Kinect allows users to talk to each other or sometimes video call while playing. What they don’t know is that Microsoft Kinect also allows strangers to peek in our house where you put the device. Not only that, it may also be used to track you, record your voice and many unimaginable things. Interestingly, kinect has also been linked to a British spy agency known as GCHQ. Another instance would be the use of GPS locator whenever we use our social networking accounts.Others are able to track your locations because of this. This acquiring of information can be used for blackmailing, stalking and other dangerous activities(Lyle 2015).Therefore, gadgets that are supposed to bring fun and enjoyment also bring harm to your security and privacy.Companies take advantage of the benefits of modern technology to infringe on consumer’s right to privacy. Like any other concept, technological advancements have developed its share of pros and cons over time. While there are a lot of promising things that we get from these gadgets,these are paired with hidden threats that we are subtle and alarmingly unnoticeable. For example, as a part of the companies’ strategies nowadays include using technology to trick consumers to provide the smallest details, like browser history, to these companies.The acquiring of this data happens when a person accidentally opens certain links that have pieces of tracking technologies which are then downloaded on the computer of that visitor. What’s worse? These things happen unnoticeably and secretively.The information obtained from a visitor is being sold to companies, which in return, will allow them to target specific people to whom they would sell their product and make their business more profitable and easy to sell. While it is all right to ignore these facts, it is alarming to know that someone is watching your daily activities(Scope 2010). As a consumer myself, I would want to feel safe whenever I purchase something and not buy without fear to be tracked.
Internet use has been dangerous as some of its applications require looking into private information on citizens which can possibly leak and be used for harmful intentions. For example, behavioral tracking has been used for marketing purposes so that companies can advertise by targeting the products you see online to whoever has been searching about their need of these products. Furthermore the Internet has become a serious threat to our privacy,” says Jeff Chester, executive director of the Center for Digital Democracy. By spying on you, companies can learn about your personal finances, religious beliefs, political affiliation, race, ethnic background, even health problems or sexual preferences.These could then be used for fraud, robbery, and other crimes that are life threatening(Weisbaum 2001). Hence, it is very important for the state to have a firm and strictly implemented law regarding internet privacy. This would provide security and peace among citizens.
To sum it up briefly, these so-called “modern day” convenience comes with grave harms- from our personal information to the surveillance of daily activities. The person’s privacy is not only endangered but is vehemently violated. It is exploited to a level where companies can easily resort to hacking and surveillance in order to find the target customers for their market. Moreover, people, in general, can have access to your daily activities, for whatever purpose it may serve them. In order to address this, the government must act and enforce laws on Internet Privacy. The citizens must be able to live freely and without fear that other people can easily obtain information about them. The citizens of the United States of America should be secured that their rights are upheld in the most effective way.

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