Business Analysis of Intervela Company

Published: 2021-09-13 14:20:08
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“Intervela” is a sail manufacturing firm contains partnership of Zvonko Bezic &ZelicoPerovic knew each other in 1970, started in 1988 and at full swing in 1990. By incremental process they made their progress like collecting raw materials information, required tech support in cutting and gathering information from other manufacturers.
They introduced “salemaker software” learned from Forli, Italy, however, all other prominent firms were using plotters and cutter which they could not afford. Another lacking, covering fixed cost of production and financing which they covered by working as sailor by their earning they incorporated “Autometrix Plotter” what made them unique in the local market like another leading manufacturer “North”.When market shrunk in Italy they looked for another opportunity what a key feature of is genuinely an “entrepreneur”. They also added new sewing machines at the end of 1992 and step by step progress occurred through cutter purchasing, acquiring a new workshop and penetrated in European market at 1999 and finally in global market. Depending on “mouth advertising” initially and created a website in 1998. Then became organized at 2000-2001 by adding digital photos there. They participated in Slovenia and Croatia nautical fairs and promoted efficiently in nautical journals. As an entrepreneur both of them were sophisticated, organized and always prompt in finding new strategies of marketing and for new market opportunities.

Intervela D.O.O. Koper-Victory Sailmakers had issues with financing. They couldn’t arrange money on time.
Companies potential partners withdrew from the project.
They had poor sales promotion strategies.
Some local rival copied their idea because they didn’t patent their product.
Poor marketing communication strategy.
Intervela had no after sales service.
They stuck to their basic design.
They couldn’t meet the break-even point before operating in Croatia.
They made sails for small boats only.
They could not afford plotters and cutters like their competitors.


They should be more organized about financial management.
They should maintain a good relationship with their project partners.
Sales promotion strategies need to be changed, where huge discounts or free gifts should not be an option.
They should provide after sales service, as there are not many sails repairing services available. It will also help them maintain good relations with their customer, while they can receive feedbacks from them at the same time.
They need to work on their marketing communication skills, and not reply on just word of mouth.
They can make sails for bigger boats, which should also be customizable.
They should do proper market research before entering a market.
They should have insurance to cover for them during crisis.

New Idea:
They could start making boats as well as sails, which will give them a variety of selling sails and boats made by them, along with their sails.

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