The Posing Danger for Humanity with the Artificial Intelligence

Published: 2021-09-14 00:25:09
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During the midterm break of my first semester I was going to India and in my flight, I read an article in “Digit” named “Detroit Become Humans”. The article was talking about artificial intelligence and how it is cutting the hands of human or we can saw how it is replacing human beings. The first thought that came to my mind was, what is artificial intelligence? The artificial intelligence is the development of computer systems that enable to perform tasks which normally requires human intelligence, this can be anything.
While reading the article the thought that was bugging me was, what is the need or the cause to have artificial intelligence. But the article has explained in detail why we are trying to improve the artificial intelligence and gave many reasons to do so. The first thing is that technology is developing day by day and human need something that can do their work efficiently and effectively and without any risk. So, the invention of AI is helping humans by doing their task for them. Nowadays even our phones have artificial intelligence like Siri, Hello Google, Bixby, etc. they help us to remind us, navigate locations, make call, fix appointments, and enable us to open every application in our phone and operate by commanding the AI with our voice without even touching our phones. That is AI is helping us in day to day life and helping big brands like Apple to sell their product and giving them incentives to advance their AI so that they can do better. AI is not only helpful for day to day work but they can also be useful for many important things. AI would have a low error rate compared to humans, if coded properly. They would have incredible precision, accuracy, and speed. They won’t be affected by hostile environments, thus able to complete dangerous tasks, explore in space, and endure problems that would injure or kill us. This can even mean mining and digging fuels that would otherwise be hostile for humans. Replace humans in repetitive, tedious tasks and in many laborious places of work. Predict what a user will type, ask, search, and do. They can easily act as an assistant recommend or direct various actions. They can think logically without emotions, making rational decisions with less or no mistakes. can assess people, this can be for medical purposes, such as health risks and emotional state. can simulate medical procedures and give info on side effects. Robotic radiosurgery, and other types of surgery in the future, can achieve precision that humans can’t. They don’t need to sleep, rest, take breaks, or get entertained, as they don’t get bored or tired. All these factors lead to cause of development of Artificial Intelligence.
As per the article with these causes to have AI there are many effects of it also. First, it’s questionable: is it ethically and morally correct to have androids, human-like robots, or recreate intelligence, a gift of nature that shouldn’t be recreated? This is a discussion about AI that’s popular in the days. Second, they could never, or, at least, seemingly never with our technological perceptions, receive creativity that humans have. This can prevent sympathizing with emotions for human contact, such as in being nurses. This can also reduce wisdom can understanding. This can prevent common sense occurring. Even if coded with common sense and to learn, it seems hard for them to get as much common sense that humans could.
Third, robots, with them replacing jobs, can lead to severe unemployment, unless if humans can fix the unemployment with jobs AI can’t do or severely change the government to communism. As seen partially with smartphones and other technology already, humans can become too dependent on AI and lose their mental capacities. Lastly, machines can easily lead to destruction, if put in the wrong hands. That is, at least a fear of many humans because if a robot with artificial intelligence gets in the hand of a terrorist then they will be using the robots instead of suicide bombers who are human for bombing a place. This can lead to terror also. AI as robots can supersede humans, enslaving us as if the AI can get their own conscious then they can out smart human because their processing power is much faster than the humans. With all the possible causes there are also many effects that can be very dangerous.

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