James Monroe’s Memoir and Political Influence

Published: 2021-08-30 15:10:11
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James Monroe was one of the Founding Fathers of democracy in America and the Fifth president of the United States . He ruled for two terms as he served as president between 1817-1825 under the Democratic-Republican Party. Monroe was deputized by Daniel D. Tompkins who helped in the smooth running of the country. He was born on 28th of April 1758 in Westmoreland County, Virginia in the United States of America. He attended school at Mary Campbell town Academy and later joined the College of William in the year 1774-1776 and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in law .
James Monroe was married to Elizabeth Monroe between the year 1786 to 1830, and they were blessed with three children, Eliza, James and Maria Monroe. Before his unfortunate death on the 4th of July 1831, he held multiple government positions which includes being a member of continental congress between the year 1783 to 1786, senator of the United States between 1790 to 1794. Additionally, he was later appointed as a diplomat to France and the elected as a Governor of the County of Virginia.Political and /Philosophical Beliefs
Being one of the founding fathers of the United States’ democracy, James Monroe had strong philosophical beliefs with regards to the relationship between the government, people, and power. He believed that the best and supreme form of government is one that can be able to prevent the extreme evil within the country. Additionally, Monroe believed that the sovereign powers belonged to the people. He believed that full rights and supreme powers of governance belonged to people. James Monroe believed that the people’s inability to exercise their sovereign was as a result of ignorance and corruption on the part of the citizens.
Accomplishments in Office
During his tenure of office, James Monroe made several achievements to the Americans and the America’s economy. For instance, when he was a diplomat to France, James Monroe played a critical role in ensuring and speeding up the release of the American citizens, who were held in various prisons in France. Additionally, as an instrumental and influential individual, Monroe contributed to the release of Thomas Paine, the American philosopher and a political activist in the United States .
James Monroe was the pioneer of the Era of Good Feelings . This term was extensively adopted to refer to the era after the war that took place in 1812, which resulted in a bitter political division among the two main parties; the Federalists and the Republicans. During his tenure of the presidency, he helped build national cohesion by the appointments of various government officials regardless of the political party a member belonged in. This contributed in ensuring peaceful coexistence and national integrity despite the ideological differences and the heightened political temperatures .
The Era of Good Feelings founded by James Monroe facilitated in the building of trust among members within the United States. His quest for a peaceful and a united country promoted the development of long national tours. This move was aimed at creating a platform where people from a different background can unite and interact with each freely without being divided by their political affiliations. And thus enhancing national trust and unity among the American people .
As a president, James Monroe contributed to the signing of 1818 treaty to help in improving and strengthening the social and economic relations of the United States between the United Kingdom and Canada. The signing of this agreement was significant in ensuring peaceful resolving of boundary issues and by extension developing the social and economic activities between the regions. Consequently, the signing of the treaty facilitated in resolving of the regional dispute of the Pacific Northwest which was known as the Oregon Country in the United States .
Further achievements of James Monroe presidency are demonstrated by the declaration of Monroe doctrine which helped in redefining the foreign policy in the United States of America. This doctrine was written by John Adams on the 2nd of December 1823, and it condemned the act of European countries colonizing American continents, and portrayed the action as a form of aggression and therefore the need for the necessary intervention. The doctrine helped in giving support for the freedom movements in the United States .
Comparisons to the Twentieth Century Presidency
Unlike Bill Clinton who was elected as the 42nd president of the United States of America, James Monroe served as the 5th president of United States. Both presidents served a 2-year term in office. However, the presidency of Bill Clinton differs significantly to his predecessor. Contrary to Bill Clinton’s presidency whose national issues focused on the creation of employment, development of infrastructural facilities and improving health and education sector, James Monroe’s presidency was coupled with controversies and multiple issues with regards human trafficking and slavery.
Therefore, Monroe’s presidency focused primarily on abolishing of human trafficking and slavery especially in the southern states of America, which was a significant challenge during his tenure of the presidency. This resulted in the creation of the Missouri Compromise in the year of 1820 and the Kansas-Nebraska act of 1854 to help in solving the problem of human slavery.
Contrary to Bill Clinton who was affiliated with the Democratic party, James Monroe was a member of Democratic-Republican Party. Unlike the latter, the political views and ideologies of Democratic party advocated for civil rights for the minority groups in America and liberal reforms. On the contrary, the Democratic-Republican party supported for strict adherence to state’s rights and the interpretation of the constitution.
The tenure of service for Bill Clinton and James Monroe was a two four-year term with both the presidents holding the office of president for an accumulative total of 8 years each. James Monroe was elected as the 5th president of the United States on the 3rd of March 1817 at the age of 58 years old and left office on the 3rd of March 1825. On the other hand, Bill Clinton was elected president of United States of America on the 20th of January 1993 at the age of 46 years old. However, Clinton’s tenure of office ended on the 20th of January 2001.
Contrary to Bill Clinton’s presidency which was characterized peaceful coexistence and national integration, James Monroe’s era was coupled with multiple civil wars. The historical events that dominated during Monroe’s tenure of office included the First and second world war and the Great Depression of 1930 which resulted to hundreds of thousands of people lost their lives.
James Monroe’s presidency was characterized by the massive underdevelopment of the country’s economy, in contrast to the presidency of Bill Clinton which was coupled with high growth rate and development of the American’s economy. Additionally, Monroe’s presidency was defined by weak economic growth as opposed to Bill Clinton’s tenure of office which was characterized by the rapid growth rate of infrastructural facilities and the social and economic activities.

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