Job Scope, Responsibilities and Activities of the Job

Published: 2021-09-10 11:55:08
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Job scope, responsibilities and activities of the job
The official position of the interviewee within the company is the owner, but Mr. Ainsley Lai is not limited to the job scope that of a typical owner as he is also responsible for many others within the company, such as the sales of his products, to plan and strategize his marketing, the finance and accounting of his company, legal responsibilities, customer service and human resources. He must accomplish all of these in a short time span as mud crabs tend to cease to be fresh after just 3-5 days in a refrigerator.As Mr. Ainsley’s company focuses on Aquaculture, specifically on mud crabs, he is required to segment, target and position the company’s market, which also helps increases his sales. First, he segments them according their needs, in which through the behavioral segmentation method he found that the consumers of mud crabs are almost entirely in restaurants. Next, he targeted that market by approaching restaurants and developing a relationship with them, especially ones in his area, then he positions his products with them by offering mud crabs that are fresh, easy to transport and are within close distances with them.
The finance and accountings of Mr. Ainsley’s business requires him to manage the financial standings of his company, daily accounting, reporting the cost of daily production, wages of his workers and many others. He is also responsible for having the workers follow the legal restrictions imposed upon them by Malaysian law, specifically to regulate the production of these creatures as they are a popular delicacy, he does so by lecturing the new and at times the old workers on fishing etiquette and such.
Whenever a customer of the company’s has complaints or enquiries about their product or other properties related to the company, Mr. Ainsley would normally have his employees respond to them; except in the cases of important customers in which he would personally clear any doubts they would have about his company. Finally, on the subject of human resources, as the company’s business are heightened, so do its requirements for hiring in order to accommodate the growing amount of orders. Due to this, he needs to discern the needs of human resources, write job descriptions, do the screening and interviewing of potential candidates, and finally instruct, manage and pay his employees.
On a monthly basis, Mr. Ainsley must ensure the equipment used by his workers are in top condition, participate in unplanned sales call rides and planned field days, organize and implement training programs regarding the skills of his employees and arrange team building activities. On a yearly basis, he must review detailed performance reports for each individual representative.

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