Key Word Advertising as a Marketing Technique

Published: 2021-09-11 06:40:08
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Internet Marketing
Key Word Advertising
Key word advertising is a marketing technique that is dependent on both search engines and keyword research as well. In order for such methods to be successful within a business, the company first must determine which searches customers use the most that relate to whatever product or service the business supplies. Once this information is established, the business will go ahead and ask to represent ads on such websites, while paying a fee to do so. By doing so, the company uses marketing to obtain more recognition in the company (WordStream,2018). For instance, say you own a dog grooming service, there are several information pages on these topics. Therefore, it would be an intelligent strategy to provide advertisements on these page, so that customers can be directly linked to your business.
There are several strengths and weaknesses associated with these marketing methods. A major strength of this method would be the generated business gained from the advertisements. Many people will have easy access to your company, and since keywords are used, they are more than likely interested in the product or service already. Not to mention, that each click generates revenue as well. A major weakness of this scheme is that the business must pay the website for hosting their adds. But reluctantly, most often, the business receives more money than the cost of hosting these adds (WordStream,2018). Such techniques would be quite useful on Blogs and other websites as well. Personally, I would post adds for other companies to receive money, while also using them for my own business (once established). This is a relatively cheap marketing method, and accesses many people. Each person who is subscribed to the bod or website will see these ads, and will have easy access to the website.
Search Engine Optimizing
Search Engine Optimizing is a marketing strategy that desires to utilize words that are often searched in engines. Such words should be relevant, and will help a website receive more visitors, because it will be considered in the first page of listings. For example, when one searches google for anything at all, there are numerous pages that come up when searched, however, sites that utilize this tactic will be listed on the first page. There are many initial steps that must be taken before one’s website can receive recognition, a major one being that the site must first be structed in a way that search engines can understand its content. Although, there is certainly a lot more to search engine optimization than just that. It is extremely important because most web based traffic is concluded from search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing (Moz,2014).
There are many benefits of using this marketing strategy, although there are certainly some negative aspects as well. It is highly beneficial, because many consumers use the web to locate information and make purchases. If your business is only listed on the seventh page, you are less likely to be chosen by a consumer. However, if you are listed on the first, you will more likely receive business and awareness in the firm. Not to mention, paid advertising can completely fund these mechanisms. A negative aspect of these mechanisms would be that they are sort of complex, and can be tedious. Many business owners cannot figure these ideas out alone and need to seek help from third party agencies with more experience. Which can be somewhat costly (Moz,2014).
I would utilize this within my blog and website by consulting others to help me with the optimization. Since, I, myself, have little knowledge on how to do so. But after this initial consulting, I would discover which words and phrases would better help grasp attention to these media outlets. By using these words, my blog or website would receive more traffic and have a high listing.
E-Mail Marketing
This marketing strategy is quite simple, and self-explanatory as well. Emails are sent to people who subscribe to websites or social medias, promoting the products or services being sold. If you have ever bought a pizza from Dominos, you will notice they send many emails about promotions and so forth, this is an example of email marketing. This strategy is free and very easy to use, not to mention mass emails can be sent at any given time, making it highly convenient for busy businesses (Ward,2009).
There are pros and cons of all marketing strategies. However, this method, is most likely possessing more strengths than weaknesses. A major strength is that it is free, organized, and convenient for both customers and business. News and coupons can easily and quickly be administered with just the click of a button. However, a weakness of this, is that most often, the only ones receiving information is previous customers or subscribers. Which means it is difficult to reach out to potential buyers. Not to mention, that consumers can become annoyed with receiving many notifications from these business’s (Ward,2009).
I would utilize this method by sending emails and informative documents to those subscribed to my website or blog. I would also try to obtain email addresses from other means so that I could reach potential customers as well. By doing so, I will have a quick and easy way to spread information about my business.

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