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Published: 2021-09-12 16:30:09
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Good Planning:
For achieving any level of outcome, a good plan is a mandatory element of it. From deciding what to achieve in given two months to continuously working towards that is a great learning from this internship.Punctuality, Sincerity and Professionalism:
Punctuality is a very important element to be successful in any given task. It makes us feel the attachments with the work and passion towards achieving desired goals.
Sincerity is what makes us a small child in the learning process.
Commitment to the work:
No matter how small or big a task may look like, it is always important to be committed to your work.
The attitude of fixed hours can‟t be helpful in long run as higher we go in the hierarchy, there is no timing to reach to office but the increased responsibilities leave no room for casual attitude.
Troubleshooting attitude:
Every time there was any problem I learned to focus on what solutions can be there. It is always good to go back to the basics and revise your knowledge which helps in reducing errors.
Presentation skills and Managerial Attitude:
Unless and until we don‟t possess the managerial attitude which is most important in the corporate life. How we present ourselves is how our customer perceives us.
Open to new learning:
At every point of time, in every task given there is a huge learning from it. Understanding any process can be best experienced by inside the process.
Change in task at any time should be taken with a positive spirit. Adaptability is what saves us being affected from the changes in the working conditions or environment around us.
Quick processing and follow ups:
A customer never waits for the business entity to approach them and get the business done. If you are not the one, somebody else will steal the same customer.
Never give up attitude:
On many instances a customer doesn‟t get convinced to buy your product or services. That de-motivates the most. But having the attitude of doing it better again is what keeps us fighting in the business.

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