Lexit: a New Blockchain Marketplace

Published: 2021-09-11 17:15:11
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In a downturned economy we have in the world today, concentrating all your efforts on paid employment is synonymous to suicide. After the great economic crisis of 2009, people wised up and sought for ways to improve their finance.
Having a paid job is alright but having no organized thought for your financial dependence and freedom is not a sound idea. What if the company you work with shuts down the next moment? You’ll be out of job!That’s why smart individuals are walking their way to financial freedom by starting small-scale businesses. While having a side business to compliment your paid employment is commendable, adequate finance might force you out of business. In a centralized business world as ours, finding support for your business especially the financial aspect is daunting.
This perhaps birthed the concept known as Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A). M&A was developed as an approach to help businesses that might fall along the way. Over the past decade, M&A had succeeded in salvaging the entrepreneurship industry.
Most times, entrepreneurs come in contact with financial problems and business risks that threaten the continued existence of their businesses. This is where Mergers and Acquisitions come in. M&A helps you strike partnerships with other companies. Such partnerships birth improved services to your clients just as it keeps your business afloat.
By using M&A, a company or business can supply you with goods you urgently need to meet the needs of your customers. M&A is the Shared Economy that popular platforms such as Uber are using. The approach however has underlying problems.
It is true Mergers and Acquisitions fosters partnerships among businesses but it has failed in meeting up with certain standards. For instance, businesses do not get easy access to their counterparts/partnered companies.
Most times, a business tries to verify the protection of its interests. A company that offers M&A might want the lion’s share from the transaction and this in turn, breeds dissatisfaction on the part of the counterpart who sees it as a plan to derive most of his benefits.
In this case, experienced team of professionals is required to hedge the gap and make the transaction successful. At other times connections are not automatic. Buyers and sellers rely on private experts to strike the connections.
Another issue in the system is high cost of transactions. Companies and institutions offering M&A services regard it as a cash cow and delegate all efforts to get many funds from their services.
In a related development, you cannot be certain of the outcome of your M&A transaction. Because you want a service rendered to you, you’ll naturally feel short-changed when he fees accrued to the service goes south. Buyers are often blinded by this and fail t realize the future proceeds of such M&A partnership. The idea expressed here is you shouldn’t focus on the current price tag of your needed service but consider the potentiality and value of such service in the nearest future.
Finally, traditional Mergers and Acquisition (M&A) platforms hardly use data (Intellectual Property) at their disposal. Intellectual Properties (IP) are often devalued (sold below their current rate) and at other times, they are not used at all. Against this backdrop, a new platform is in the offing.
A Solution: LEXIT
LEXIT is bringing total decentralization to existing centralized Mergers and Acquisition. The platform aims at eliminating these existing problems while helping non-existing participants have access to M&A services.
LEXIT will fast-track transactions on the platform a rate its developers pegged at 4 times faster than existing Mergers and Acquisition. The platform also lets you have insight to your assets’ value at the moment and help you trade well with the information.
Deal Room
It seems that the environment for transactions on M&A was not conducive or was prone to illegal access. LEXIT banks on this by coming up with a new environment. Known as the DEAL ROOM, you can have your transactions on LEXIT’s ecosystem and the details kept confidential among sellers, buyers and selected third-parties that’ll bear witness to the transaction.
Access to Intellectual Property (IP)
If you’ve found yourself in situations where you had data but cannot use it effectively, LEXIT helps you out in that regard. The platform lets you trade on Intellectual Property (IP) and also you know its actual value before trading. This way, you’ll have more profit using data at your disposal.
LEXIT is the first platform (especially blockchain platforms) that features a marketplace for traditional Mergers and Acquisition. LEXIT’s marketplace is a miniature trading platform that allows companies and businesses auction their listing and Intellectual Property (IP). Interested investors and buyers can them come in to make their purchase. The good thing here is you get quality service at reduced rate.
There are thousands of business listings on the platform and buyers can take out time to check the listing that suits their interest. As an acquirer (buyer), you don’t have to stress yourself searching for business or offers that will favor you. Here on LEXIT, you have access to multiple listings that you can choose from. You also have access to the seller to seek for more information regarding his offer.
The platform automates transaction by connecting buyers and sellers and also keeps track of transactions on the platform. Unlike traditional M&A that demands fiat currencies, LEXIT uses cryptocurrencies for all transactions.
Why the Blockchain?
The argument here might be that LEXIT used the blockchain technology because it wants to create something new to existing M&A – decentralization. While this might be true, it is not actually the core idea.
Many persons (buyers and sellers) including investors will take part on the platform. To create something unique and bring transparency to its system, LEXIT had to use the trusted platform – the blockchain.
Through the blockchain, LEXIT can keep track of transactions, secure your data and validate transactions through its smart contracts. The blockchain features cryptographic currencies (digital/crypto currencies) and that was part of the reason for its use. These currencies facilitate speed on LEXIT and also eliminate third-party fees.
Bottom Line
LEXIT is a great project and is a great step-up to existing Mergers and Acquisition (M&A). LEXIT aims at removing existing hurdles in traditional M&A while bringing new prospects such as a marketplace, automation and Intellectual Property (IP) trades.

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