Life-through the Eyes of a Newborn

Published: 2021-09-12 08:50:10
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Life as we know it starts from the moment we are pulled out from our mother’s womb, after nine long months of darkness and of course boredom.
After getting out of the womb, we take our first breath, our lungs start working at full throttle! And finally, after opening our two cute little adorable eyes, we see a huge smile on our mother’s tiresome face as she endures a pain equivalent to crushing bones. She went through so much pain without any complain which proves her for me is unconditional. We try to look around, all those weird and unfamiliar noises, smells and sounds makes me go dizzy. Immediately I burst into tears, thinking it was so much better inside the womb. I had everything I needed! But here everything is so confusing. Then suddenly a new sensation comes along-they call it hunger. But to me, it felt as if my stomach is on fire! I started crying harder!!! well, that’s one thing where no one can beat us.
After crying for a few minutes we get our first food-milk. Yes, it might not sound very interesting now but back then that was all we had. After a few days, I woke up at a place-somewhat interesting. For starters, I have my own headquarters now-which they call a cradle, which sounds stupid. But here I am not able to find the people dressed in milk colour-they call them doctors.
The speciality of my new address is I get to see a lot of smiling faces-one is my mother and another was my father but the other two was what got me confused, they always keep me busy with cuddling and tickling. Later in life, I found out they are my siblings named Stefan and Sophie.
The second speciality-which happens to be my personal favourite,24/7 five star room service and that too free! The package includes changing of diapers, cuddling, kissing, bathing and food. Also, they have to find new ways to keep me busy or else if boredom strikes I might start crying.
Life seems pretty good right now. I have no responsibilities no liabilities. But I really need to learn how to talk and walk fast! Things get pretty confusing here. Once I was crying so that I could watch my favourite cartoon-Ninja Hatori but instead, my mom started feeding me. It made me really annoyed. And walking on four legs might seem very adorable but it takes years to get out of my bed and reach the living room.
One day my mom put a long stick inside my mouth. I got really confused on what she was doing. Later I found out that it was called a thermometer. That day was the worst! I felt like I was inside an oven. And not to mention the arrival of my most hated person in this world. The man in milk dress-my doctor. He came in with a funny face and was making me laugh for no reason.
I knew something was wrong. But I enjoyed playing with him because he always bought me interesting toys. But while making those funny faces and stupid noises he pinched me hard with something needle like-they call an injection. From that day onwards I am still afraid of that thing.
I was growing up fast. I started to walk and talk. Now things were looking much easier. But now I had to take responsibilities for what I did. Earlier I broke a thousand glasses and no one said a thing. But now things are different. I have to do my own work. And later in life when I become an adult I guess life will get more troublesome. But for now, I want to enjoy every second of my life.

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