Listen to Rock and Satisfy the Appetite

Published: 2021-09-14 23:00:09
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Listen to Rock and satisfy the appetite: Restaurants with rock n roll spirit
What would happen if your favorite musicians opened a restaurant with food as great as their songs?
You’re in luck at these great restaurants located throughout the United States. Whether you like the sound of country or punk rock, there is a tasty restaurant with the perfect atmosphere that suits your style.Rock N Roll Ribs in Coconut Creek, Florida
Iron Maiden drummer Nicko McBrain combined his musical talent with his insatiable love for ribs to create an ideal restaurant for a “Trooper” (Maiden fan). Of course, the ribs are the main attraction. Cover them with the delicious barbecue sauce (you will not be disappointed). Real metal fans will be thrilled to see the menu, which features Trooper and Halloweed beers. The elaboration of these beers was in charge of the main singer of Iron Maiden, Bruce Dickinson, and the Robinsons Brewery (Cervecería Robinsons).
JBJ Soul Kitchen: Red Bank and Toms River, New Jersey
JBJ Soul Kitchen defies all expectations of a restaurant. In the first place, despite the name, traditional food is not served. Second, you will not have to pay for your food. Instead, this non-profit community restaurant created by rock superstar, Jon Bon Jovi, offers organic cuisine whose price will depend on what you want to pay. The three-course menu varies with the season and depending on the foods available in the locality, and can range from fresh salmon to sautéed vegetables. When you finish your meal, they will suggest that you make a donation, that you can pay with money or community work. Now that is a restaurant to feed the soul.
Fleetwood’s on Front St. Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii
Mick Fleetwood, a member of Fleetwood Mac who joined the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, opened a restaurant with the same name in the exclusive Front Street area of Maui . If you want to experience the whole Fleetwood experience, plan to attend happy hour with music and drinks, and reserve a dinner to attend the daily sunset ceremony. You will enjoy entertainment by a Hawaiian indigenous artist or a Scottish piper (or both, on Saturdays), while you watch the sunset over the Pacific Ocean. You could meet Fleetwood in person, who visits Maui often. The exclusive menu features fresh seafood, exquisite steaks and first class cocktails.
Ole Red, Tishomingo, Oklahoma
The first Ole Red restaurant owned by country singer Blake Shelton (the second is located in Nashville, Tennessee) seems not to fit the small town of Tishomingo, but Shelton was born just 45 minutes north, in Ada, Oklahoma. If you’re going to explore the attractions of the area, such as the Tishomingo National Wildlife Refuge or the indigenous attractions of Chickasaw, visit this restaurant to taste hearty meals, such as bison burgers, chile con carne, pastel de fried meat with macaroni and cheese or wild cabbage. The beverage menu mainly covers frozen beers brewed in the USA. UU., Such as Budweiser and Coors, and specialties in cocktails served in glass cups. There are also wine options. After dinner, visit the Ole Red store, which offers for sale shirts with logos, camouflage equipment and candles with the smell of corn bread and apple pie.
Rudy’s Can’t Fail Café en Oakland y Emeryville, California
The rhythmic and lively Clash song, “Rudie Can not Fail” was the inspiration that gave name to this restaurant that the Green Day bassist, Mike Dirnt, opened in 2002. Both establishments have an extravagant decoration, including a collection of Barbie and Ken dolls, plus a full bar and a budget menu. Rudy’s most popular dishes include classic foods that are perfect for satisfying a voracious appetite or nighttime cravings, like succulent burgers, fried southern chicken and huge French omelettes. Do you want to take care of your diet? Opt for vegetarian and gluten-free dishes. Families are widely received with a generous children’s menu. Prepare your imaginary guitar to enjoy the background music of the ska, punk and rock genres of the eighties.
Rock & Brews: Various locations
In the late 1960s, brothers Dave and Dell Furano worked as concert promoters and traders for legendary bands, including The Rolling Stones, Grateful Dead and Bob Dylan. After several lucky meetings with the founder of Hard Rock Café and members of the band KISS, Rock & Brews emerged. As the name implies, Rock & Brews combines a great rock ‘n’ roll decor with a wide selection of beers, which varies according to the establishment. And the food? Get ready to taste succulent and tasty American dishes, like giant hamburgers, hot wings and creative salads.

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