Literary Analysis of A River Runs Through It By, Norman Maclean

Published: 2021-08-30 19:15:09
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Author Norman Maclean said it is those who know us and love us that elude us often times in society this is the case. Family, people we look upon for advice and help when in need cast away. In Normal Maclean s book A River Runs Through It the book is told through the eyes of Normal looking upon the actions of his brother, Paul, of whom is an outcast in society and his family. So many things affect the way that a person is looked at. Whether is be appearance, intelligence, wealth, class, or even one slight action that took place can effect the way society castes you. Sarah, a character in Harold Pinters The French Lieutenants Woman knows the feeling of solitude all too well. Being discovered in an affair with a passing French soldier. Everyday she looks upon her action as a mistake I did that I should never be the same again, so that I should be seen for the outcast I am. (Pinter 44)Abigail Williams is a young girl in her prime with an already shameful reputation. She to has been caught in an affair with a local married man. If that crime in itself is not enough she was also caught practicing witchcraft with a local African servant. Abby denies all accusations yet is still put through trial. Society places limits on what you can and cannot do. Some things are not proper , others aren t mannerly so many things could place one at risk for being an outcast today in society. In the books A River Runs Through It , The Crucible , and The French Lieutenants Woman a character is afflicted with being an outcast. Each has committed an action that society did not find acceptable and now they re judged and highly ignored by the norm. It s also very important to remember that being an outcast isn t just based on something you do and can be held responsible for. It can sometimes be something you have no control over. We deal with it on an everyday basis through racism, homophobia, and even gender comparison. This is just a small taste of what is considered different today in the eyes of some.
Paul is a very intelligent, free willed man. He does as he pleases and does not really care what people do or think when it involves his actions. Some of the things he does cause people to talk and even stare but this doesn t affect his decisions. His brother, Norman looks at this as a problem. Norman is an English professor who graduated from college and has become a huge success. Paul is a newspaper editor that flaunts the town with an Indian girl which is uncommon and very bold in the 1940 s. Of course this was before racial riots were heard of and the minority never had a say in anything because of the color of their skin. This causes the town to look upon Paul as an outcast, someone who s different than they are so it must be wrong.

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