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Published: 2021-09-07 11:25:13
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The civilised truth about junk food
When I think about it no one talks an awful lot about the dangers of junk food consumption and just how dangerous it is for us. I think it’s time to take stand loud and clear. And really get to grips with what we are trying to achieve with these quick energy releasing meals that are thought to be 100 percent natural looking have we ever thought about a burger or do we just look at the soft golden brioche roll and the tender chicken inside carefully placed in the bottom section. On top goes a crisp piece of green lettuce topped with a creamy riche sauce. Have we ever thought about looking at whether the chicken is being processed in the same way as the burger is brought to us or is the chicken genetically modified? Have we wondered how the lettuce gains such a glossy green finish is it natural or has it been sprayed with gazillion amounts of chemicals to gain that true green colour. Lastly have we ever thought of the after effect of eating these types of they even contain and ounce of nutrition for us are these treats really going to help us in the long run or are these just temporary?
Have we every looked at the reality of junk food what lies behind the stringy cheese pizza. Or do we just we just exist for the taste we need to really actually think of our health we have a value to as human being we have a purpose to achieve and to meet our goals by consuming junk food and constantly relying on fast food to fulfil our needs we are not doing each other a favour we are constantly depriving ourselves from nutritious food that actually has a value and when we consume it helps our body to function better it helps us to keep fit and in shape do we not all want that.Surely each of us should think twice before actually tucking into a burger or dwelling on eating a portion of fired greasy chips full of fat calories and a bunch of carbonhydrates.there are a variety of health risk that come with these tasty treats that tingle our taste buds leaving us wanting more. These foods are made with in a second of minutes just imagine the process gives me depression. We need to think of whether the food is actually being prepared in the right way for this or is being stuffed with lots of chemicals and injections to extend its shelf’s life then we need to consider whether the food industry actually take there consumers into thought whether they just care about the life expectancy of a can of bean or wheatear they take the consumers health into any sort of concern this is where we need to stand up and sort our life’s out and really come to grips with what we are doing and whether we are actually doing our job properly.
We don’t just need to think of Britain but other countries like Mexico where there is a tax on junk food “Mexico congress approved junk food tax” (BBC news) I think is a very important ban as in the uk there a charge for plastic bags and I have noticed that the majority of people will bring their own fabric bags when shopping this helps our environment as its safer also helps global warming and pollution as a lot of bags cause problems for our environment due to them not disintegrating. I believe strongly if there is a tax on junk food half of the population will not consume as much junk food as they do know as junk food is about 50p to 70p which makes it easily accessible and very young children are going out and buying a bunch of candy and slowly the candy will become addictive and cause serious health issues. The same way fast food is very accessible I have noticed several times there being a women standing outside in the town centre with a load of vouchers for McDonald so your meal that cost £4.00 pounds will now cost £2.00. This attracts a lot more costumers which shows us how the food industry can brainwash people into buying there food at cheaper rates. We are being fooled by the amount we are receiving the quantity we get is more then what we might consume on a regular basis.
A psychologist has researched how are mind actually sets out to crave junk food and has found out “food with dynamic contrasts have an edible shell that goes crunch followed by something soft or creamy and a full taste active compounds “which shows us that these rules apply to many different foods such as a macaroon a meringue even a fillet burger. Just mesmerising the thought of the process makes our mouth water what does this show us it shows our addiction to these foods. When someone mentions a burger the crunch of a biscuit the creamy texture of a trifle the sweetness of chocolate out taste buds suddenly become active and we eye out our cupboards looking for these treats.scienece creates craving a matter of minutes meaning the combinations of different sensations leading to the salivary response we gain from the taste the experience of eating that certain food for example chocolate causing us to salivate when we consume chocolate it glides into out mouth melting slowly and leaving behind a sweet tender sensation making it more tasty.
The way we can can put a stop to consuming and drippling over so amny of these foods is by eating healthy making time out from our daily routins to really explore the process of cooking fresh organic meals really enjoying the time by making foods which leave our taste buds wanting more we need to really explore the different ingridents we have the variety of fruits vegatables is beyone mystical for us we need to explore the vales of these different foods. Long gone those days where women use to cook meals in the kitchen but research has shown how therapeutic cooking can be for a women not just the calming sensation but think of what a lovely feeling it will give to our children imagine coming home to house warm cosy candle light with a tender smell of chicken roast and patatoes in the oven while the gravy bubbles just imagine the happiness it will give us our family. Then sitting together as a family that warm feeling is only going to happen when we start to show a interest in making food and really concentrating on what we are making and trust me all of us we have a new life.
Now what I could like to mention lastly is how we can battle junk food and how to diminish it through our diets so we can have a clean diet full of nutrients and vitamins that will help us grow helps our skins and keep us happy we need to consider making a change in our life’s a big change. While there are valid reason why people eat junk food just thinking of it numbs my mind because of how grand junk food taste. I know each of us has a soft tooth and struggles to not have a slice of cake or nib at a biscuit. We need to win the fight with junk food and not let it take over us as individual we need to keep our wellbeing under consideration and scrap junk food turn away from it am inviting the nation to take a step back with me today right now at this very moment and consider the options we have to change our future our life’s and our loved ones life. Not today no in a years’ time but today with me we need to combat junk food forever once and for all.

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