Mamma Mia! Movie Review

Published: 2021-09-13 15:25:09
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Mammia Mia!: The Movie, is a film inspired by bouncy pop group ABBA tunes. In the movie, the songs was sung mostly by the main characters is soothing to the ear, and from my own opinion, some of my few favorite songs amongst the soundtrack featured was “Mamma Mia”, “Super Trouper”, “Money, Money, Money” and “I Have A Dream”.
These were some of the few songs I loved back in 2008 while growing up, and still do till today. This is also a movie not to be missed as this movie features the two main characters Meryl Streep and Amanda Seyfried. Cited by the media as the “best actress of her generation”, movies starring Meryl Streep is always never to be missed with her great acting skills. This can be clearly seen not only in this movie but also other famous movies such as “Death Becomes Her”. Partnering with her as her Co main star, famously known for potraying Karen Smith is non other than Amanda Seyfried. With these two stars acting together as a mother-daughter duo, this movie is guaranteed a must watch. The story plot of the movie was also very interesting as it is situated in a small island where Donna’s daughter, Sophie tries to find her own father and letting him walk her down the isle when she gets married.The movie also involved the Donnas’ former band members reuniting with her, where they were seen to be giving advices to Donna and Sophie along the way. The movie also delivered comedic jokes in different parts of the movie scenes and as well as some sad and some tear-jerking moments for some viewers was the moment when Donna stood from the back looking at her daughter while she sung “Slipping Through My Fingers”. In that scene, it started with Donna looking at Sophie from the back before it pans into Donna showering her with love and doing different things together. Also due to the fact that the story is based on a small island in Greece called Kalokairi, it gives the vintage and country vibes from their dressing, a more subtle as to nowadays dressings. It also showed a more simple side in life too. However, with the good being spoken, the movie also has its down side.
As mentioned previously, throughout the movie, many jokes were cracked along the way, however some jokes which was cracked was either flat or came across offensive to some of the audience. Hence from my standpoint, some of the jokes mentioned has to be taken with salt and pepper and also to acquired taste audience only. In some point of the movie, some plots and scenes may get flat or boring and not as appealing to the audience.
Even though this movie is a light-hearted and comedy movie, audience may not enjoy as much as in the movie, it seemed to be showing the actors themselves are enjoying and having more fun in the movie than the audience themselves are. In conclusion, this movie has both its good and bad sides. However, in my opinion, this movie kept it very light-hearted and I enjoyed it a lot personally. I would definitely recommend this as a movie to watch as I really enjoyed the story and the acting skills. Most importantly, the music they sung was melodious and they recreated ABBA’s music all nicely. It is one movie worth to watch with both your friends and family. Rating this movie, I will rate this movie as 8/10 for not only the soundtracks, but also the plot and as well as how the story was being portrayed perfectly by the casts.

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