Marketing in the Age of Millennials

Published: 2021-09-15 02:20:08
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We, millennials have been blamed of being communication challenged. We prefer to speak through the picture and a thousand words yet when it comes to face to face or a telephone communication, we feel a gripping anxiety. So to counter that, we’ve made social media as the medium for communication. We’ve faced a lot of backlash from the older generation for our ways, with all the major problems being blamed on the millennial generation.
We prefer apps over brick and mortar shop. The paradigm has shifted from face to face dealing in shops, to placing an order from the app for even the basic necessities for our home. Despite all our inclination to social media, the main method we choose to do business is through e-mail. The apps are our personal space and we don’t like it when it is riddled with ads. The spam ads on YouTube and Facebook have very little effect on us. Millennials are more likely to be enticed by a good offer in their mail than a thousand ads on our personal platforms.Millennials may have attention span problems but we’re very perceptive when it comes to on purchasing goods or services. Marketing gimmicks don’t have much effect on us. We look for tangible benefits when we open these marketing emails; it may be a buy one get one for a fast food joint, or a discount on the t-shirt of our favorite comic book or maybe even some special offer on Netflix. Regardless of what the marketing objective is, one needs to tie it in with some financial perks or value add-ons.
Marketing in the old days consisted of creating a demand among the customers. They had that power over customers. This is not possible with the millennials because we don’t like to be led. We prefer to lead and will leave a business that doesn’t allow us the freedom to choose, or at least give a mirage of choice. This is because we millennials don’t just buy a product or avail a service because it is marketed well. We buy it because we see a need for that product or service, however whimsical or useless they may prove to be. Marketing to millennials isn’t all rubies and roses. It also has its inherent pitfalls. One of these is the fact that millennials are very sensitive to spam. We not only have the ability to recognize spam marketing from a kilometer away but also a deeply entrenched hatred for it. Therefore, when millennials get spam marketing emails from any business, the business takes a massive hit to its image in that individual’s eyes. So, while emails are millennials’ choice of marketing platform, mass and generic mailing does not help and decreases the credibility of the company.
This is where strategy comes into play. To get millennials on board, one needs a strong email marketing campaign. More than 70 percent of millennials state that they have no problems taking action in an email. That’s conversion of sales. While you need a strong email marketing campaign, you also need to personalize it and pay special attention to the timing and frequency of the messages. The strategy is also important to instill authenticity to the email messages. With strategy, comes target audience analysis and with that comes more personalization. Personalization cannot be implemented without authenticity. This is why the email marketing campaign needs to be strategic. Emails are the easiest way for a business to get access to customers from the millennial generation. The email content obviously needs to be tailored to their generation as well. While emails will help one get more millennials to convert, one’ll still need to get access to their email addresses. Here comes customer acquisition.
So here it is. We, millennials are fickle, quirky and have a low attention span, but the things that stand out for us, leave a deep impression on us. We are glued to social media, develop our tastes according to the fads of the industry and later laugh at our choices. We are ready to be taken on a ride. All you need to do is find the best rollercoaster for us.

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