Martin Luther King Jr and His Wish to Bring the Black Community Forward

Published: 2021-09-12 04:50:08
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He was born in atlanta on january 15th 1929, throughout his childhood he had a somewhat privileged access to education, attending washington high school, morehouse college and boston university.Martin took on a lot of his father values and beliefs in religion and in everyday life, his father would send him out to work in the fields to gain respect for being brought up in a catholic home martin was brought up on the ways of jesus christ and was a strong believer in his approach of how people should all be treated as equals no matter what they look like or who they are.
These are the reasons that he was soo passionate about equality and finding racial equality for his family and himself to create a better life and opportunities for his family to come.His mum was a firm believer in jesus and she is the person who brought him to church every week this is where he found his passion Martin Luther king went to the university of Boston where he studied theology this is were he gained his feeling of needing to help and where he found the way that religion can aid people in fulfilling their true purpose.
This also meant he found the things he wants to do and the way he wants to present himself to bring the black community forward. In the 1950s the black church was a very tough and confusing time for people. Because all the white people created a segregation and tried to separate all the black people to make them join their own church. On august 28th in 1963 martin luther king jr. presented the most well known speech about human rights and equality in the history of the world this was a defining moment for the civil rights community of America and its going forward from this speech on.
He spoke about founding father and referenced the bible along with universal themes to show the struggles of african americans at the time. King decided in 1954 to accept an offer to become the pastor of Dexter Avenue Baptist Church in Montgomery, Alabama.
Becoming the primary spokesman helped him protest against the laws on the church for the black man in America around the 1950’s
His skills he had gained from his religious and academic background gave him a way to express his feelings and speak on behalf of the black society. Being awarded the Nobel peace prize in the year 1964 was one of martin Luther kings biggest accomplishments even though he wouldn’t have seen it this way as he was a very spiritual person who wasn’t fascinated by material objects just wanted to work for the black community of America to find justice.
This is a quote from the award show when it was presented to him :
Luther King’s name will endure for the way in which he has waged his struggle, personifying in his conduct the words that were spoken to mankind: Whosoever shall smite thee on thy right cheek, turn to him the other also! MLK was assassinated in Memphis on April 4th 1968 by James earl ray. MLK was enjoying a stay at the Lorraine motel when James shot him on his balcony, he was rushed to hospital but died after 1 hour of the shot.
His death started riots over 100 cities.
After his death the government passed the civil rights legislation in honour of MLK’s hard work through his life on the issue.

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