Mastering the Art of Affiliate Marketing

Published: 2021-09-12 07:00:10
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The African concept of Ubuntu has gained worldwide fame in recent years. The philosophy literally translates to mean “I am because you are”. This idea of sharing and synergy is also took up by Linux who distribute their operating system by this name and believe that as an open source systems, everybody can work on it and by sharing their expertise can make it better than ever before.
But why you as an online content developer in the digital world should be interested in the concept of Ubuntu? Well today we introduce you to a concept that is all about sharing and how you can use it to maximize your profit. A solution that gives you profit when people buy stuff from others. Confused? Well, don’t be, because today we present you one of the smartest and passive ways to earn money.As content creators, all we dream is to catch the biggest fish in the ocean. We want to partner up with the big brands and collaborate with them on huge projects. But in this competitive world, it becomes very difficult to attract their attention. But what if we tell you that there is another way. Rather than waiting for them to contact us, how about we approach them and promote their brand. It’s a win-win situation on both ends and that’s what affiliate marketing is all about; earning by sharing. Here’s how you can also become a part of it.
In simple terms, affiliate marketing is promoting another company’s product or services and generating income from that. An example would be to think of you as a food blogger. Now you can pair up with a food processor company and promote it by highlighting its benefits and capabilities. Then every time someone purchases it through your referral, you get a commission. So a tremendous benefit of being an affiliate marketer is you do not have to spend time and effort on creating a new product. The product is already there. You just have to direct people to it. There are so many products that you can become an affiliate for. Examples are online courses, books, physical retail or software products. You can also try affiliating mobile applications and music by opting for iTunes affiliate program or go into physical retail by joining the Amazon affiliate program. Basically the sky is the limit.
Although it sounds really simple and exciting, it is not always the case. For affiliate marketing to be a success it goes without saying that you will need to have a working website. All these strategies shared below will become more powerful if a branded website is already in place. So if you are an expert in your field and don’t have a website yet , read on because in the next few lines, I am also going to share how you can get a killer one. Here are all the tips and strategies for you to do affiliate marketing- the smart way.
Preach what you teach
How would you feel if your best friend recommended you something by praising it to no end and it turned out to be faulty? Hurt and betrayed? As an expert content creator, you have reached where you are with a lot of hard work and effort, but more than that you have built a unique trusting relationship with your audience. They follow you and are interested in what you have to say. So promoting something that isn’t helpful to them is actually a disservice. The number one rule of a successful affiliate marketing campaign is therefore to select your products carefully. Do not just pick any random product just for the thought of making quick bucks. Recommend only those things that you have actually used and are confident about. Research and learn about the product before putting it on your website.
Honesty is the best policy
Ask any relationship and coaching expert and they will tell you that the secret of a long and healthy relationship is honesty and truthfulness. You want your audience to stick around with you so why not follow transparency in all your actions. Be open with them and tell them you are earning a commission for any affiliate link you share. In U.S.A you are required to do it legally but even if you are elsewhere, being honest brings a lot of rewards for you. People will actually appreciate you for this and buy the products to show their love and affection for all the value you have provided to them in these years.
Treat the product as your own
Asking people to buy a product that isn’t yours may create a feeling of distrust in your audience. So how do you overcome this? One way is to become up close and personal with the product you want to sell. Know everything about if beforehand then promote it whole heartedly. Do not just post a link; rather show some closeness with the product. How about unpacking it and showing pictures of what’s inside or a nice little blog post highlighting its benefits? There are so many ways to promote it and with time you will see that with little effort, the benefits gained are tremendous.
Get your “bluehost”
Here comes the best part of this article, getting a website. The first step for any online creator is to get a working website so why not opt for the best. As I have talked earlier about the need to build trust and confidence in your relation with the audience, I wholeheartedly support this hosting company. I am always sure that whenever people are referred to Bluehost by me, what they are getting is actually beneficial for them.
Stick with one solution
With time you will realize that there are multiple products of the same category and you might be tempted to promote every one of them. While it’s not terrible to do this, a better idea is to offer only one solution. When people are facing any problem, you do not want the one to provide a lot of options to them for choose. This creates confusion in their mind. Best is to select a solution that you think is the best and prefer it over everything else.
An updated resource page always helps
Creating a database for every product you are affiliated with is helpful for both you and your audience. The best way to do this is to create a resource page. In this way your audience will always be up to date in what you are promoting. It helps you too for it is easier for you to manage the affiliated products this way. For example you can keep track of the clicks all the products are getting and remove those that do not seem to be getting any response.
Do expert conditioning
People tend to remember stuff when they are exposed to it on a continuous basis. You need to condition your audience in such a way that they become eager to buy your promoted product. Do not be scared to recommend your product more than once or in many different ways. Posts, pictures, articles all work and they work more when they are used in different mediums like blogs, podcasts or live videos.
Offer bonuses
Offering samples and bonuses is the oldest trick of attracting customers in the book of selling. Why not use it here too? They work best if the offered bonuses are related to the product you are referring but they don’t have to. Sometimes you can offer small things from your end just to attract your audience. Guides, checklists and additional parts are some examples that you can use as bonuses. A word of advice though is to inform the company beforehand that you are going to use this strategy because a few might not allow you to do so.
Build meaningful relationships
You do not only have to build relationship with your audience. When you approach big brands for partnership make sure to reach out to them. They will share their expertise with you and in time it will make the experience better for your audience too. For example knowing the benefits of the product firsthand from the owner gives you leverage above others who are promoting the same product. Also, it may help you in the long run too. When you perform better as an affiliate, brands sometimes agree for an increased commission rate.

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