"May We All" by Florida Georgia Line

Published: 2021-09-13 22:35:12
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May We All Since it was first invented music has played a hug role in the lives of people. From generation to generation music defines people and is a means of expressing concerns and emotions to the audience. Florida Georgia Line is one of the most influential country music group of this generation. May We All a song by the group dives into the life of small town people and teaches us a lot. Furthermore, the song does not hesitate in telling the audience its overall message. As stated “Get a one star hand me down Ford to try to fix up With some part time cash from drivin’ a tractor Find a sweet little thang, wears your ball cap backwards Kinda place you can’t wait to leave but nobody does”.
They are trying to convey a simple life, from an old car that can be fixed to meeting a woman and settling down and staying close to home not venturing out into the world conforming to your surroundings. This message is their style, most of their music is a little religious mixed with humility and enjoying the little things in life. They also share a strong sense of patriotism by starting with “May we all get to grow up in our red white and blue little town…”.Florida Georgia Line has stuck to their roots and releases content from their own experiences and that of many small town inhabitants around the country. They then move on to the simple things in life from music to taking a drive with no destination. Pridefully they say, “The sound of a quarter rollin’ down a jukebox… Hope you get lost down some road” Although this may seem irrelevant to many, enjoying the little things, the simple things in life has a big effect on a person’s attitude. Over and over they emphasize the need to enjoy those moments where you get lost, might even find a new route and appreciate the effect music has on the listener. They then cheerfully say “Buy a cold sixer with a cashed in lotto She’s smilin’ with her hair blowin’ out the window”.
Making the most out of everything whether if its new or old is what matters. Often people forget what they have and how much they could make of it. Instead they choose to go for more never truly enjoying any of it nor the process. I really like this message because we should not take anything for granted no matter how small every little success should be celebrated and enjoyed in its own way. Moreover, they talk about the opportunities that life gives every person and how no matter how insignificant they may seem each opportunity is once that wasn’t there before. “May we all get to see those fields of green turn gold And know that fifteen minutes of fame Ain’t sayin’ what makes us or breaks us but We’ll all be watchin’ the TV the day that it comes”.
What I take from this is that even the smallest moments can lead to something great and we should give it our all every time we get a chance. Hard work pays off and even when things get rough those who push to prevail will succeed. May We All is full of meaning the song digs into many aspects of a person’s life which is what makes it such a good song. On the other hand, once the song hits its climax the messages becomes stronger and clearer. Now, instead of simplicity and living large with what you have, the message is more internal. “May we all do a little bit better than the first time Learn a little something from the worst times Get a little stronger from the hurt times…Walk away wiser when we crashed one Keep hopin’ that the best one is the last one”.
Simply learn from your mistakes, experiences and grow stronger because of it. Much like in the video (3:17) we should hope to bounce back from near life ending experiences and change what led us to that point. Everything we go through should be seen as a means of learning and we should learn for the betterment of ourselves. This message is crucial given that convey it during competition where a person can lose themselves all just to win not realizing what they have or could have lost. A great example is in the video at the minute (00:03:30) once he realizes what he has done he tries to fix the error knowing it could have been avoided. Then he tries to risk his life to save the others because the guilt is too great. This message is strong, and I believe they portray it perfectly we must learn to win and lose and not lose someone or something in the process.
Adding on to this, the ending is especially key to the song because it highlights or reiterates the message. With a mellow tone the say “Yeah you learn to fly and if you can’t then you just freefall… May we all keep hoping that the best one is the last one”.
I believe this means that we have a choice in life to learn from our errors and become better for it or follow the same path and suffer the consequences later in life. Although the line “hoping that best is the last one” was troublesome for me to decipher I believe the meaning is that we all wish to keep the best things around from memories to people. Therefore, I believe this is a great way to end the song it wraps up all the messages into one.
In closing, May We All by Florida Georgia Line is an incredible song filled with meaning. From the eyes of two small town boys the song covers many ideas both external and internal. It begins by saying to enjoy the little things in life and to make the most out of every opportunity we are given. Then takes a turn and makes the audience reflect upon their decisions telling us to learn from mistakes and experiences and grow stronger in that process. The things we do don’t only affect us they affect those around us especially those close to us whom we least want to hurt. There is a lot to be learned from this song the messages are meaningful and impactful and if listened to closely could help a lot of people in the long run.

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