Maya’s House of Fashion

Published: 2021-09-13 16:50:10
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The public relations firm will partner up with Maya’s House of Fashion, and wants to find a way to make a difference. The Fashion house want’s to run a feel good campaign and give the money that is raised to the Youth Law Center. This charity is about, laws required that children shelters provide abandoned children with a safe and healthy environment, but some shelters fall short of even the minimal standards. When that happens, advocates from the Youth Law Center are on the case. Maya’s House of Fashion will give the money to The Concept is 1 day of giving event to give back to a charity. The Fashion Event will be held on August 11, with the fashion show taking place at 6 p.m. at The rooftop garden in Hollywood. And a pre-show party at The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, featuring cocktail tables, photo backdrops and a live music. The audience I hope to reach, is women and men willing to donate to a great charity.
Retailers, designers and sponsors involved in this year’s event also will have a “pop-up shop” during the show’s after-parties to display their brands and allow people to “shop the looks” they saw on the runway. The goal of the campaign is to bring a smile to those in need, make there Christmas special, hopefully to influence people to give back all year around, inspire donations, participation, and awareness. donations are not the only way to support a cause. The event will also raise awareness and catalyze networking. The media I hope to reach is the radio.User Potential
The intended audience that I want to attend this event are consumers, donors and potential volunteers, between the ages of 21 and 60, and can be single and married. High Net Worth Individuals. It’s essential to deliberately draw in and keep up solid relationships with high net worth donors. It’s a black-tie event, and for the general public. Start with an online ticketing platform, which can take digital and mobile payments ahead of time and help track them. For at-the-door sales, pick a ticketing supplier that gives an application to expedite last-minute sales. For the individuals who can’t come to the event, can pay on the website. Their will be donation choice on the Face Book event page for speedy and simple digital giving.
Campaign Potential
A viable media/medium outlet for the charity event is making a site and internet based life accounts. The excellence of web-based social networking is that there are different sites to help with raising support publicizing. Every one of these sites has exceptional capacities, enabling you to share your message in special ways. In the present advertising condition, simple way to reach people is through the internet. Online advertising, for instance, Face book, Instagram, Twitter are powerful media to reach a large amount of people. This firm can speak with the partners and planned clients through newsletter, e-newsletter and direct mail. Fliers can be utilized for publicizing too.

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