Mechanical Engineering Statement of Purpose

Published: 2021-09-14 12:00:11
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I remember being captivated by mechanics related toys like radio control cars as a child. I was interested in their mechanism but of course, my curiosity wasn’t only limited to toys, it was about almost anything mechanics related, including my dad’s car. So as to comprehend the mechanical mechanism of different devices, I paid meticulous attention and it was a part of my everyday routine.
When I entered high school I got acquainted with robotic science and I noticed that I was cut out for this field of study and that was exactly what would fulfill my dreams, therefore I managed to achieve high scores in physics and mathematics. I should point out that I was among the top ten students within my school. I had an active participation in classroom discussions and workshops and excelled in all subjects. In my senior year of high school, I ranked first among students in physics and this accomplishment resulted in an enthusiasm for continuing my education in Mechanical Engineering.At university, even though most courses were rather theoretical than practical, I didn’t lose my passion and got myself involved in university’s robotic team/group and started to conduct a research on photovoltaic panels. Besides, I gained valuable insight into robotics and solar energy systems. In the first terms of university the general education courses where difficult and i didn’t believe in myself quite yet, but after taking the major ones, I became more and more interested which is evident in my grade marks. Not only did I do software design, but I also have field experience in HVAC and sanitary installation, which needs in-depth academic knowledge about renewable energies. I always tend to be curious and dynamic and into the acquisition.
Apart from major related software such as Auto Cad and Catia, I have also undertaken a course called industrial drawing and devoted time and immense effort in order to master German language. I have made plans for my future and want to continue this field as my career degree, so that not only can I play a major part in expanding our knowledge of this science, but also will have been able to come by my dream job and be as invaluable as I could be. In order to keep abreast of state-of-the-art mechanical oriented technologies, I decided to study in high ranked universities to acquire insight in order to run a mechanical related business in my own country.
After graduating I want to get a higher (ranked)/better position in my job. I see your faculty as the most suitable option for me and I was convinced to apply to your university. It has helped me realize that everything we study in theory might not be that easy to actualize and implement in practice. In the last semester of my undergraduate study, I found your course extremely interesting. I did a brilliant/ impressive job in this course and achieved full Mark in it. I realized that admission into your school is highly competitive, but I know that I am highly qualified to go and prepare to meet all of the challenges that will be presented.

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