Media Interaction Platforms and Media Protocol

Published: 2021-09-13 16:05:09
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When internet went mainstream in 1989, it set the foundation for which the world would become a Global village, where information is transmitted via certain protocol based software applications. The internet of things IOT, Artificial intelligence and big data apps incorporated on Media interaction Platforms provide an online library and information for our digitized society. Published content of years of research, education and information are just a click away on Media platforms like, Flipboard, Pinterest, Google, Facebook WordPress, medium and Tumblr, Twitter to mention just a few. Users and consumers subscribed to these platforms, register their likes on viewed content and share such, without any form of incentive for their active participation in subscribing to a published content that is valuable.
The sale of data generated by Subscribers on the platforms who publish or generate traffic on these Media Platforms accrue to the centralized media platforms. Sometimes Publishers pay to boost viewership of their content. Media Protocol having studied these concerns developed a software protocol packaged on Blockchain that is set to disrupts and decentralize the way published content is advertised and viewed by connecting the content creator, publisher and the consumer interaction together on a Blockchain based protocol and monetize both parties. The media protocol when embedded into Media Platforms or big data apps deploys the immutable power of the Blockchain,by registering the URL of the published content on the Blockchain as smart URLs and converts it directly into a wallet for store and utility of the Media Protocol tokens (MPT).MEDIA PROTOCOL.
The Media protocol is a Blockchain based protocol designed to incentivize Users of any Media Platform, Apps and DApps which utilize the Media protocol to develop their Advertising and marketing Media Platforms The Media protocol is powered by an Ethereum based ERC 20 token MPT. Currently the Media protocol is LIVE in an embedded MVP App called Cryptocatnip showcase how the media protocol app works, its available on the IOS and Android version. Basically the Media Protocol converts all registered contents url on the app to smart URLs which are lodged on the Blockchain and instantly generates a holding wallets for the publisher. The wallets store the MPT tokens which receives payments from users who view, like or share the published content.
Consumers who in the past viewed and shared content for free on traditional media platforms are opportune to earn as they subscribe to the Media protocol based app,by simply interacting with the published content, by way of viewing liking sharing. The interaction of the Consumer data once recorded on Media protocol based Blockchain generates a wallet and instantly rewards them for interact with the smart URLs. This ensures fair distribution of revenue otherwise that have accrued to the traditional middle man media platforms.

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