Meet the New Magazine Venture that Has Become an Eye for the World

Published: 2021-09-29 10:40:10
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From fashion to lifestyle and from music to technology magazines are the best feed box to keep yourself updated with the things that you love. ABC is all set to redefine the way you think, the way you believe and the way you adapt with their irresistible online magazine portal that speaks all about you and your choices.
New Delhi, India, July 28, 2018, ABC has recently introduced its online magazine portal where you can get an insight of everything that can increase your heartbeat. From the latest fashion hacks to breaking news in the world of music you can get a dose of everything that you love over here. It’s a podium that enables you to satiate your soul with the latest buzz and some salt & pepper enriched news.The marketing manager said “ Magazines are small corners where you get to gossip about your favourite celebs, hookups, achievements, failures and everything that is happening around you. In short, you live your life within it. Every page that you turn has something to contribute in your life. We know the power of magazines and hence have recently launched our online magazine portal apart from being a major player in the conventional medium. We’re already the leaders in the offline world with technology magazine, lifestyle magazine and many other versions. Recently we have also introduced our music magazine which keeps you updated with the rhythm of the music world.
They are the best seller offline and are also getting a good response on their online version. You can get the scoop of everything that you want to know just at the tap of your hand. They have given a new meaning to print magazines that were thought to be dead after the evolution of the internet. Thankfully even today people read and like to digest information through the colourful pages of the magazines. There needs to be a balance between both the online and the offline mediums as everyone is present everywhere. With this thought, ABC has launched their online magazine portal and are encapsulating thoughts inside the people who don’t get time to carry a magazine daily and scroll go through the pages of it.
About ABC
No story begins with a blank thought. With the thought to increase the pulse of your heart through the things that matter for you, ABC came up with their print magazine section. They’re a renowned offline magazine seller and are ready to share their scoop of thoughts through their online magazine portal. They believe that a magazine means the eye to the world and they want to give you the best view of this ever-changing world. If you have been an ardent follower of their lifestyle magazines or technology magazine offline then you need to follow them online and be updated with a click. Scroll through their diverse gallery online and increase your love for thought-provoking magazines. Thank yourself for being gifted with your online companion that adds zing to your boring life through the best scoop of knowledge.

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