A Growing Problem of Terrorism in Spain

Published: 2021-09-13 11:50:10
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Terrorism has become a term that is no longer unfamiliar on a global scale. It has victimized not only individuals, but also nations and organizations as they have merged together to combat and safeguard the innocent from these acts. Spain is no exception. From the attacks on Madrid in 2004 to the recent attacks on Barcelona in 2017, Spain has been faced with acts of violence that have unsettled the nation in many aspects. These attacks have stirred the country’s primary focus to protecting those who were affected both directly and indirectly. Destruction caused by such events is huge and immediate healing is required. However, due to the suddenness of these disturbances, there is a need for measures to improve the current approach to the matter. As such, Spain proposes public awareness and the ability to face such crises effectively.
Integral Protection of Victims of Terrorism- Spain vows its permanent commitment to all people who have suffered terrorism or who may suffer in the future. It also forms an essential foundation in supporting families that have suffered the blow of terror as an important part of its policies. The act also proposes the alliance of all individuals in the public service to ensure that the needs of the victims are met sufficiently. Regulating the Right of Asylum and Subsidiary Protection- Spain provides three types of aids for international victims of terrorism; shelter for refugees, subsidiary protection and safeguards humanitarian rights and interests for these individuals. This law ensures that refugees receive shelter, identity cards and necessary documents for travel. They also provide work permits, medical facilities, education and support services. Protección subsidiaria (subsidiary protection) is granted if the refugees are known to be subjected to death sentence, abuse or threats of violence if they return back to their own country. Those under subsidiary protection will also be eligible to reconcile with their families. Resettlement of refugees who are granted temporary shelter is also arranged for. However, those who threaten national security will not be granted the right to the terms of this law.Solutions
Protection of Victims Including Hostages
Ensuring preparedness and training is provided to the military, civilians, medical personnel and the government. Military training that simulates terrorist attacks can help preparedness. International ties and trainings can facilitate the opportunity for shared intelligence across countries and make a statement that no one nation stands alone against terrorism. Civilians can also be trained to be able to identify danger and trained to provide basic medical assistance to one another and manage themselves in a hostage situation with basic defence training. Medicalpersonnel can train to work with limited resources to provide the necessary attention to victims. To further protect the victims the government needs to be prepared to provide financial support, work opportunities and ease their transition back into society.
2. Surveillance. Surveillance and protection can be provided with technological advancements. Technology to detect threats and also deface them can help in curbing the potential damage. Moreover, large public spaces can also be protected by incorporating technology that is hidden and yet effective in keeping those in these spaces safe. Safe-zones can be arranged for in case of crisis and all residents should be made aware of these zones and the various routes to get to them. These safe-zones should house sufficient resources such as food and water to last the population.
Combat the Negative Aftermath of Such Events
Management of People
Resources that are channelized to providing mental, psycho-emotional and social support to victims, especially hostages and refugees, should be readily available upon their rescue. Group therapy sessions should be arranged for to manage post-traumatic stress. Medical services should be set up immediately when the crisis occurs to manage injuries of affected individuals. Every individual should be trained in basic medical and defence to protect themselves and be better equipped to protect their fellow companions.
Management of Affected Aites
Destruction caused after terrorist attacks require immediate attention. Manpower and sufficient funds need to be set aside for such situations to allow for reestablishment of infrastructure and to rebuild the nation. International relations can help by providing necessary resources to aid Spain in their recovery. This agreement can be mutual and Spain can aid countries if they require assistance as well.

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