Overview of the Mobilebridge Momentum Project Strategy

Published: 2021-09-01 18:05:13
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MobileBridge Momentum is a Blockchain based project. So like every other new blockchain project, there are important questions to ask; what does this project hold for the average man or woman? What is the catch that will make the average guy adopt this project?
MobileBridge Momentum is created to help companies and several businesses overcome their marketing problems while also helping customers get good value on their purchases and other activities which promote those companies or businesses. Strategy
The Momentum platform targets the customers at the precise time when they will be better poised to take action, Leveraging customer data in a way that has never been seen before and treating every single customer as a unique individual entity with their specific sets of data in order to identify what the customers likes, is interested in, and how they can be approached. This most importantly helps to ensure customer satisfaction.
Some other platforms, both on-chain and off-chain, use different means to reach their desired target market but not in a way as effective as the Momentum platform will.
I recently did some research on CPA marketing and how the marketers get results. I realized that the success of CPA marketers in staying profitable depends a lot on targeting and tracking. Marketers always try to narrow down their target audience demographic in the order you get the best results and make a positive ROI. Nevertheless, two marketers can create the same exact campaign with the same targeting parameters but can still get different results. Example Use Case:
Present Situation
Considering the case of a Mr. Bill who values his personal body fitness and often works out during the weekends, because he has a white collar 9-5 job. Mr. Bill gets a normal promotion message about the latest “Nike or Adidas Runners” from a good store where he shops, around 10 am on a weekday while he’s busy with work or in a meeting. When this happens, he will most likely disregard the promo and continue with his work. This is the normal marketing system, sending promo messages/adverts to a properly targeted customer demographic, but there is no telling the situation they are when they will receive the message and their resulting action.
What Momentum Provides
Momentum platform utilizes user data in a very unique way that maximizes the effect of everything single advert. With proper timing, offers are presented to the customers in the periods they are most likely to be interested in the deal. Very persuasive deals are sent to people using very beautiful landing pages which then takes them to the offer, but what largely gives momentum an edge is the timing of the promotions. Some of the factors used by Momentum includes; the time of the day, geographical location of the customer, recent shopping activities, the season of the year, and many other data/information that the current systems lack the technical know-how to properly utilize.
Momentum’s Approach To The Example Above
Unlike the present advertising systems which basically just send ads to people until they get conversions. The momentum platform will send promotion ads of new sneakers to Mr. Bill at a time when he will most likely be interested in checking out some new shoes. For instance, on a Friday evening when he has just closed for the week, knowing full well that he will be hitting the gym the next day. Mr. Bill right now will be more inclined to engage the ad and reap from the rewards of the very good deals on offer.
The same explanation applies to a variety of products from a variety of companies on the Momentum platform, making sales, gathering data, and encouraging their customers to be brand ambassadors by spreading the word about the companies to their friends. All these activities on the platform will be rewarded with MMTM tokens, which can also be pooled together and used to purchase a wide range of products and services through the platform. The momentum platform is easy to use for everyone.
Token Sale
The momentum “MMTM” token sale is currently on. To participate, visit the official website, blogs, whitepaper and social media communities to get correct information about the token sale.

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