Modern Atomization of Indian Agricultural System

Published: 2021-09-14 14:05:08
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This project was undertaken by me in my Bachelor of Engineering. I searched for many topics for the project and the one which caught my attention was this. As, India is an Agricultural economy and I belong to an agricultural family, I was always keen to do something which would benefit my people. As, life is becoming more and more busy and it is true for farmers also and it is always essential to water the plants on time. Sometimes due to busy schedule the plants are not watered on time and as a result the harvest suffers. This leads to economic loss to the farmer and to the family.
The project undertaken by me is effective to tackle this problem and hence help the farmer to maximize his profits. Using simple everyday device like a mobile phone the irrigation system could be controlled. My objective was to keep the costing as low as possible so that everybody could afford this device and can be benefited from it. This project also helped me gain knowledge about many aspects of engineering.Present day scenario for agriculture in India explains the hardships for Indian farmers in producing quality crops. There are many factors involved; climate change, government policies, soil condition, farming acts, weeds and many more. Climate change has impacted a lot in farming sector as the water level has gone down in productive areas and invariable rain has its role to play for good or bad crops. Government of India has never supported small scale farmers as whole sale dealers are not buying crops at good prices and least intervention of government officials in this sector has affected farmer’s revenue. Apart from that there are certain traditional farming activities like burning the roots of previous crop using fire has decreased the strength of soil and its productivity. Before choosing my topic for my project, I reviewed all these factors and did more research into the improvements which can be done or the alternative to avoid these factors and improving crop production.
Apart from the Engineering subject books, I consulted journals and engineering resources and library resources to gain knowledge of the things. Nowadays, agriculture and farming has gone beyond conventional methods and global warming has its impact on the environmental conditions and climate change. Due to this, traditional method of irrigating the crop field are no more effective. To produce quality crop and increase productivity, engineering methods have to be developed which could automate the process. Soil moisture sensor is a good tool to induce irrigation management to increase productivity with optimum input. This helps the farmer in taking decisions by providing information about what is happening at the root of the crop. If the root zone is dry and crop is demanding moisture then it will be updated to the microcontroller and water will be switched on using motor pump.
Soil moisture sensor is only a tip of the ice burg which could be used to automate the system but to manage the irrigation system, environmental condition, germination time, grower observation and water scheduling are also required. Thermistors use the proportional relation of resistance and temperature to measure the temperature in any given environment. The proportionality of the temperature and resistance depends on the temperature coefficient of resistance. If the thermistor senses high temperature with high resistance then it is positive type and on the other side it is negative side. So, I thought of using the thermistor as a temperature sensing element in my project to fill the gap of automation system which could sense the environmental conditions not only at root zone but also at stem level to make sure the need for germination and growing time has been fulfilled.
The idea in my mind was to make a component which could be operated by a mobile phone to irrigate the fields. This could also get signal from the earth about the moisture and can inform the person on the mobile phone that he needs to switch on the system. I also wanted to use a RTC so that a particular time can be set to switch on/off the motor.
In the end I submitted a report on the project and also gave a power point presentation in front of faculty and students. This project finds application in the agricultural environment. This project helps the farmers save their time and at the same time allow them to practice faithful irrigation technique. This project also helps environment as it prevents over irrigation or under irrigation of the field. Thus, farmer can ensure the appropriate return for their investment in terms of high yields from the fields and hence higher profits. This Project also helped me to implement my engineering knowledge into practical use. I learnt to implement a project independently and work in a team to get the desired results.

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