Movie Review of A Walk to Remember with Landon Carter as a Fictional Character

Published: 2021-08-30 20:25:10
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Compare and Contrast
A Walk to Remember (2002) is an American movie that highlights the early life of Landon Carter through his flashbacks. He remembers his life at the young stage and the manner in which Jamie Sullivan, who gradually became his lover, helped him change from the worst character to the best one. Landon Carter and Jamie Sullivan are the two main characters of the movie, therefore, the essay focuses on their similarities and differences.
It is significant to note that these two main characters, Jamie and Landon, do not exhibit any similarities as their lives are parallel and they have different passions in their youthful lives. One of the key differences is that Jamie is a strong believer in God and never loses faith while Carter believes that God would not listen to someone like him. Moreover, Jamie goes out of her way to help other people while Landon avoids helping others. Landon comes from a wealthy background while Jamie is very modest. Landon is popular while Jamie is treated as an outcast because of her sickly condition.One of the significant differences between Landon and Jamie can be observed in their spiritual lives. Jamie is a devoted Christian and she upholds her faith all over her life. She does not lose her faith even in the most difficult situations in her life. Her cancerous condition aggravates but she still feels that she has a lot do with her life and believes that God will fulfill her dream of wedding before her death. Her spiritual life does not change even when she understands that she has few days to live because of the leukemia that dominates her life. On the other hand, Landon is not a staunch believer in God and going to church for him is just a formality. He even asserts that God does not have time to listen to someone like him. It is worth noting that Landon is arrogant and feels that he does not even need God in his life as he does not lack anything. He is happy with his life and does not move forward with the purpose of living a spiritual life as he is satisfied.
Additionally, Jamie endeavors to assist other people while Landon does not care about helping to others as he keeps evading the responsibility of assisting others. Jamie is a religious person and has the passion of assisting other individuals in her life. Although Jamie suffers from cancer and is not rich, she ensures that she helps all individuals that need her in their lives. She is focused on her attempts to help all other individuals to get the best in their lives even when overcoming many difficulties in her life. Therefore, the key point to note about Jamie is that she is open-handed and believes that everyone should be supported. On the other hand, Landon does not have a place in his heart to assist other people. He comes from a wealthy family and is highly selfish in his life. He keeps evading any opportunity to help other people in his school. The lack of support for other people is intensified by his selfish attitude that does not allow him to communicate with other people. Therefore, due to his wealth, Tom has everything he wants in the world, but does not have time to think about other people. He is excessively selfish and feels that he is satisfied and does not need to support other people.
Another vital difference between Jamie and Landon is their popularity. Landon is a highly popular student due to his emergence from a wealthy background. Furthermore, he is even elected as one of the leaders to lead students within his school. Landon is also popular but rebellious in most instances, where he risks being excommunicated from his school. He is popular among most students and even teachers at the school, hence earns the student’s leadership position. He is also forced to participate in extracurricular activities such as the school drama because of his popularity and mischief. On the other hand, Jamie is less popular and is commonly treated as an outcast by most students. Notably, Jamie suffers from leukemia that makes her condition worse and increases the level of stereotypes about her. Most of other students treat her with excessive contempt and perceive her as an outcast. Even as she develops a close relationship with Landon, most of individuals associated with Landon despise her and treat her with extreme levels of hate. Therefore, she is perceived in such a way among the peers at the school.
Last, Landon comes from a wealthy background while Jamie leads a modest life. Landon is brought up in a wealthy family that tries to teach him to live like a gentleman and achieve his targets in line with the correct attitudes. While being at home, he pretends to be a humble boy focused on moving toward the achievement of his targets and effective living with other individuals. Landon’s richness is said to have contributed to his arrogance and non-caring attitude. His wealthy nature also makes him feel that his life is complete and he does not require God and other friends, as they will add little value to his life. On the other hand, Jamie, the daughter of a Reverend, lives modest life and is ready to mingle with all other individuals in his life. She is happy with her modest life and is open-handed. She is not limited by her modest life when it comes to assisting other people. She remains focused on the belief that she can still help other students.
In conclusion, the movie A Walk to Remember highlights the memoirs of Landon during his school days. He reflects on the school life and the manner in which he comes to meet Jamie before falling in love with her later on. It is worth mentioning that Jamie and Landon are the main characters in the story and exhibit key differences in their lives. They seem not to have similarities because of their different attitudes and perception of their lives. They are different in terms of their popularity where Landon is excessively popular, but Jamie is treated as an outcast. Additionally, they differ in terms of their willingness to assist other people. Jamie is open-handed and willing to support other people. She is able to go out of her way to assist other people. On the other hand, Landon is not willing to assist other people despite his wealthy state. . They also differ in terms of their spirituality, as Jamie’s faith is strong even in the most difficult situations. Landon, on the other hand, feels that God does not have time for people like him as he has everything in his life. Therefore, the main characters from the movie A Walk to Remember do not have anything in common. However, they exhibit the aforementioned differences.

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