My Desire to Study Conservation Biology

Published: 2021-09-29 20:20:10
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Ever since the earth was inhabited, the lives of humans have depended on wetlands and the idea of sustaining these essential resources for their continual existence always inspires and motivates me.
Raised up in a coastal town of Ghana, I have been exposed to how wetlands are being polluted. I have held onto this travesty with a positive and optimistic mind that one day I will get the chance to make this right by contributing my quota in the management of these wetlands. I want to further my studies in conservation biology and work with Dr. Bill Perry on his research on “Effects of best management practices and wetlands on agricultural streams.” I read about his researches and I am much interested in his works especially, his publication on “Evaluating Agricultural Best Management Practices in Tile-Drained Sub watersheds of the Mackinaw River, Illinois” and “Effects of outreach on the awareness and adoption of conservation practices by farmers in two agricultural watersheds of the Mackinaw River, Illinois”.I read Aquaculture and Water Resources Management at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Kumasi following the dictates of my passion in wetlands conservation. I had the privilege to read Wetlands Management and Conservation during my third year second semester and the sessions of this course intrigued to have my final year research on wetlands management and conservation. The coursework at the University assisted me in gaining relevant technical skills in testing and monitoring water quality and providing management solutions.
During my thesis, I studied the effects of spatial distribution of churches on wetlands in the Kumasi metropolis. This study focused on anthropogenic activities on wetlands, acquisition of wetland areas and the factors that influenced the location of the churches on these wetlands. It was concluded that 70 % of churches were sited within 100m buffer zone of streams/rivers and have resulted in the destruction of wetlands. The success in my undergraduate thesis has highlighted the importance I place on being methodological even when constraint with time and accurate with a higher compliance with regulatory standards.
Currently, I am working with a project forestry team to plant trees along the banks of Sisa River in the Kumasi Metropolis. I have had the opportunity to develop best management practices on watershed and also observed various anthropogenic activities affecting the river. Academic field trips and volunteerism regarding conservative research activities have broadened my understanding on the current issues, policies, and regulations on natural resources and equipped me with pragmatic skills to collect and record scientific data for analysis. The decision to read MSc Conservation Biology will develop my abilities in wetlands management. I have studied the program curriculum and courses such as stream ecology, rain forest ecology and the chance for students to research on management of natural areas are the reason I am particularly interested in your program.
After successful completion of my master’s degree, I intend to read my Ph.D. degree followed by careers in wetlands conservation. I expect to receive a training that will fully equip me in making a significant impact in my home country.

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