My Devotion to General Surgery

Published: 2021-09-15 18:00:10
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“We create a curvilinear collar-type incision within a skin crease”, my uncle, a hepatobiliary surgeon, said as he incised the patient’s neck. I watched attentively as he dissected through the superficial fascia, incised the platysma, dissected through the deep fascia, and separated the strap muscles. There it was, the thyroid, a work of art. That was all it took for surgery to capture my heart.
Attending that total thyroidectomy, I was a second-year medical student going into the OR for the first time. Soon thereafter, I turned that one time into a hundred times. I spent a great deal of my free time attending surgeries, and I used to kill my weekends memorizing surgical instruments and suturing chicken breasts. I found myself in surgery, and I wanted, and still want, to dedicate and devote my life to it.As a person, I am not very fond of routine. I like my days to be unpredictable. General surgery is an immense speciality, one which offers dynamism. I find surgery an art, and I am captivated by its inherent dexterousness and how it provides the ability to instantly solve the issue at hand. Being a surgeon not only requires having extensive knowledge of diseases and procedures, but it also requires an intimate knowledge of the human anatomy and its topographical and morphological variations. Therefore, a surgeon has the ability to see each person as the distinct masterpiece that they are.
When I started my clinical years, I only grew more certain of what I already knew. Nonetheless, quite agonizing was the fact that among all the surgical consultants and attendings at Jordan University Hospital, there was only one female. Bitterly, to this day, sexism still exists in both medicine and surgery. I came to learn that males took precedence, and that females are perceived to be incompetent, emotional, irrational, and indecisive. The fight against sexism is a long, onerous, one, but I took it upon myself to walk that path, starting by founding a chapter of the Association of Women Surgeons at my university.
My goal is very simple: I found what I love, and as Kinky Friedman said, I fully plan on letting it kill me. An elective clerkship at your institution will allow me to experience surgery in another culture and healthcare setting. I am eager to find myself in an enthralling, non-discriminating environment where I’m integrated into a team whose members support one another, and with which attending physicians are willing to share their vast wealth of knowledge. I plan on completing my general surgery residency in the US, and following it by a fellowship. This clinical experience will help enhance my chances of achieving that dream by familiarizing me with the American healthcare system. On the personal level, this opportunity will help me grow as an individual, and promote my cultural understanding. I look forward to interacting with people from different backgrounds and cultures, and believe that it will be an integral part of my experience.
Years, even decades, from now, I would like to return to Jordan to establish my own surgical center. Trauma and transplant surgery have not, yet, received the attention that they deserve in my country and I intend on being among the pioneers in one of these areas. Moreover, I would like to join my alma mater, The University of Jordan School of Medicine, as a faculty member. I believe that my devotion to surgery cannot be complete until I plant the love that I have for it in younger generations. What the future holds is uncertain, one can only plan.

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