My Foundations in the Field of Psychology

Published: 2021-09-29 15:45:10
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To what extent are we defined by our innate nature as opposed to the environment in which we are raised? The nature-nurture debate is one of the oldest recognized debates in psychology. Initially, when I picked Psychology it was a subject I was most fascinated in because I was keen on learning about why humans behave the way they do and what causes some people to feel no remorse for the destructive things they do. Now the subject captivates me with contrasting theories and studies that provide evidence and explanations for the things we do ranging from the minds of the depressed too dangerous to insane.
I have researched psychology and criminology excessively and I feel positive that this is the right degree for me to do. I have been to various psychology taster days and a psychology summer school at London metropolitan University. Throughout the week I attended a range of lectures from psychopathy to clinical psychology to occupational psychology and biological psychology.This summer school helped me consolidate my decision for wanting to pick BSc (hons) criminological and forensic psychology as a degree because I’ve always had an interest in crime and I am so passionate on studying human behavior. This degree will give me the chance to learn everything there is to know about why humans commit crimes, to discover the answers, or understand the arguments and counter-arguments and to comprehend how criminal’s minds work.
Since the summer school I have started to read “The criminal mind” articles on the American Psychological Association. As well as attending the psychology summer school, I have attended a lecture at Goldsmiths University which was about “magic, lies and deception”. This lecture gave me an insight on how the police are trained to detect lies and how criminals can also deceive the police/justice system. A level psychology also gave me an introduction to criminal psychology and this got me thinking about how crimes can affect the society around us and whether criminals are born evil or if it could, once again, link back to the famous nature nurture debate? These questions are just a sample of what interests me about criminology and psychology which is what is driving me towards this insightful course.
A level subjects will help me with this degree as Maths has helped me with problem solving by thinking logically. Also, with the Linear A level I have covered statistics which is also beneficial to collect, analyze and interpret data. A level chemistry has helped me to think analytically to answer questions. In addition, carrying out practicals in chemistry has given me hands on experience on conducting experiments. A level psychology has helped me to build up my foundations in psychology by learning the theories and studies and research methods and conducting experiments. I have applied for a volunteering role as a childline switchboarder and the training for that will be starting soon. I will be answering calls from children with any concerns and this will determine whether the child feels comfortable to be passed on to a counselor. For this job role you need to be confidential, and warm, compassionate and even patient with the child. These qualities are important to have when pursuing a career in psychology because you have to be a good listener and have a warm and friendly voice with patients so they feel comfortable to talk to you.
Once I have had some experience in the switchboard role I am hoping to move up to a childline counselor which will help me to improve on my communicating and listening skills. I have also been a STEM ambassador. I have helped out in science lessons working with the lower school and supporting them to improve on their work. For this role you need to be quite friendly and this also boosted my confidence and communicating skills.

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