My Impulse to Do Major in Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Published: 2021-09-14 08:50:08
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The world is moving with advanced science and fast growing top-notch technology, which galvanized me to begin my career in engineering. I enthralled by the potential of electronics that I decided to do major in Electrical and Electronic Engineering with a great impulse to explore the challenging field of engineering. Concordia University is a proper choice to continue my exploration in this domain, without any disharmony.
I would like to flaunt my previous performance as my qualifications for my success in my future endeavors. My inborn capacity has been my quantitative and analytical abilities, which ingrained me a special interest for, physics and mathematics. Since my school years, I have been the recipient of prestigious prizes for consistent performance in both academics and extra curriculum activities. My strong determination, perseverance and hard work finally paid off when I assured a seat in one of the well-recognized universities in Bangladesh, which is American International University-Bangladesh. During my junior and senior years of my undergraduate study I was exposed to various advanced courses with applications like Control systems, Signal & linear system, Electromagnetic field, Industrial electronics, Digital Signal Processing, microwave engineering. In terms of programming language, I have experienced C, C++ and python. Besides, I learned the various fundamentals of Electrical & Electronic Engineering, which together with practical course work reinforce interest. My undergraduate years in AIUB have put an enormous contribution to make me as an individual with a compounded attitude for excellence.
I did my undergraduate thesis on a wearable on body pentagon shaped micro-strip patch antenna for detecting brain cancer and brain tumor. I have successfully published 2 conference papers, which are a wearable micro strip patch antenna for detecting brain cancer at the 2nd ICSIP held at Singapore, 4-6 August 2017 and design of a patch antenna operating at ISM band for brain tumor detection at the 4th ICAEE held at Dhaka, 28-30 September, 2017.
I have selected masters of engineering in Electrical & Computer Engineering and my interest lies on Control system and Communication. It is my firm belief that this degree program in Concordia University is the perfect match with my interest because it offers high quality teaching, leading-edge research and relevant real world learning experience. The excellent course structure coupled high academic standard further stimulated my interest and highly competitive an intellectually stimulating atmosphere at the Concordia University will bring out the best in me. Furthermore, it will help me to flourish and broaden my knowledge in this field as well as to reach my desired goal of life. The other reason why I want to study at your esteemed institute is that it is a confluence of people from every nationality, religion and race. Overall development of the personality can be done and it helps me to broaden my concept from the narrower confines of nationalism to internationalism. After pursuing master degree, I will be uniquely prepared to face the challenges of the international business world. My plan to return to my country, where the fast developing economy requires experienced management professionals. The role of Information system will be of increased importance in the coming years, and wish to use my skills to assist the structured development of domestic companies. I aspire to use this Australian education to my own advantage and shall feel confident on being equipped with the right tools and understanding of the subject and consequently being able to land a well-paying job in my home country

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