My Life after High School

Published: 2021-09-29 14:40:11
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I have now entered my senior year of high school. Entering this I now know that this is a very important year full of decisions to make and don’t have much time to make them. I need to make sure I definitely want to attend college and pursue my career as a lawyer. A dream of mine was to always to be able to help people. I don’t really know why but at a very young age I’ve always had a desire for the law. I know that this job is very time consuming and will take a few more years of school but at the end the money and justice for the people will be worth it in the long run.
Even though, I am not finished setting goals for myself I know my main goal in life is to attend law school and pass the bar exam. I want to be successful and in order to do that I know I need to attend college. I need 4 years of college to earn my bachelor’s degree in law. After I successfully obtain my bachelor’s, I need to take three more years of law school to earn my law degree. To qualify for admission into any law school I have to have a bachelor degree in law. There are plenty of law schools that can help me obtain a law degree. San Joaquin College of law is the school I hope to get into. The tuition and fees as of 2012 is $ 17,737. I know that i might be in debt for a while but in the long run I will be able to pay it off with my salary. In addition an annual wage for a lawyer in California is an average of $168,200 minimum. With the most being able to make $73,380 annually. With this job they are many benefits, some of them being medical and dental plans for my family and I. In fact around 401 thousand dollars in my retirement savings plan. Along with domestic partner benefits and life insurance, firm-paid business travel.The top two states to be a lawyer are New York and California. The top two cities are New York City and San Francisco. “To enhance the learning experience, we are leveraging our location in the heart of the City’s legal, financial, government, and tech centers by embracing and integrating New York City as our classroom… Indeed, our nationally ranked clinical and experiential learning programs afford every student the chance to gain the real-world legal experience and contacts needed to be competitive in the new job market.” both schools have great on hand programs that can help me develop skills needed for my carrier “Being a lawyer involves constant research and learning in addition to your regular workload. It’s much easier to spend your “free time” researching laws and business if you practice law for an industry that interests you”.
I know that i will have no free time and will most likely spend my time in an office but i know that without struggle there isn’t success. After considering all of my skills I have found that active listening is a skill which I must improve. I personally think active listening is a skill that’s very important to lawyers because they need to pay attention to their case and their clients. Communication skills would be a skill i need to be strong in. i know this skill is important because to be a good lawyer you need to be able to communicate to the jury and judge to win a case. Career zone, says “In 2014, approximately 91,900 people were employed in California increasing to 102,700 by 2024. During that time, 2,420 openings are projected each year with 1,340 due to turnover.” Job opportunities are growing in the law business. The employment in California is increasing but also many positions are opened. In this field I am certain that in the future there will be a job opportunities. I believe that that I am the right fit to be a lawyer because I have many strong skills. For instance i have a desire for knowledge. I love to learn new things and apply them to my work. I am also a fast learner. I also have a strong skill of being able to persuade people to side with me. Specifically I am very persistent and will be steadfast despite any obstacles that come my way.

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