My Motivation to Attain Master of Public Policy

Published: 2021-09-14 09:50:09
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I was grown up in a country where patriarchal system has been deep rooted, where birth of a female child is still considered a sign of burden, where educating a girl is not deliberated an important task. Like hundreds and thousands of other girls in Pakistan, my future was pre-set from my birth. Conventionally, my future was to acquire basic education and I had to put myself in learning house chores and finally at the age of late teen, I had to marry someone of my parents’ choice. But my interest and commitment to get education and invest back in society gave me a purpose to stand firm. I strongly believe that a woman, if given a chance, is as efficient in policy making as a man. Therefore, I want to take a momentous leap to make a difference to my country by playing a role in public policy formation and implementation after completion of the Master’s degree.
I am highly motivated to pursue my further studies in Master of Public Policy because my country needs better policy formulation and implementation on every front. A coherent public policy and its implementation are lacking to address the key issues of the country such as safety and security, job creation and unemployment, infrastructure, education, health, transportation, unplanned urbanization and the law and order situation. That is why my professional goal is to be a policy analyst. I passionately foresee a lot of opportunities to contribute in sociopolitical and technical development of my country by educating and preparing people as well as governmental and non-governmental institutions on public policy. I want to be a change maker and I strongly believe positive social change can be attained by initiating good policy. Therefore, in near future, I would like to establish a policy research institute where I could utilize my potential in order to analyzing and recommending policy for my country after acquiring the adequate knowledge through this rigorous programme.Moreover, I firmly believe, this prestigious programme will enhance my own capacity in terms of theoretical knowledge and practical skills to cope with the future challenges. More precisely, I am eager to learn certain modules which will lead me to accomplish my professional goals such as management module, policy analysis module, Leadership module. I consider these modules will enable me to study analytical techniques for policy implementation, formation and assessment of public policy, methods and approaches of policy evaluation, economic concepts and tools used to analyze policy problems and implementation skills for public policies. It will help me to develop professional skills with quality and cost effective financial planning, execution, monitoring and evaluation. After a thorough reading, I have analyzed that the whole curriculum of this program is full of all essential resources to formulate and implement public policy. I believe my academic background, work experience and motivation make me a potential candidate for this programme.
Furthermore, my work with well reputed national and international development organizations motivates me to learn more at a global platform; particularly my working experience with the vulnerable communities has helped me to understand the socioeconomic and political disparity. I think such wide range of disparity influence the overall development of a society by increasing conflict and vulnerability. I assume that, in order to eradicate such differences from society proper formulation and implementation of policy is one of the primary prerequisite. In addition, my previous educational training has not only enabled me to build a strong foundation with a wide array issues, including
development and economic policy, environmental policy, gender and development, and research methodology in development work, but also made me to think out of the box.
Besides that I am actively engaged with numerous kinds of extracurricular activities where I have been awarded more than 35 certifications in community services, campaigning for social positive change, capacity building of individuals, debates and dialogues by prominent institutions. I have been awarded National Social Action Project Award by the British Council for my Action Project “Right Vote – Bright Future” in 2014. Through this single project I succeeded to sensitize more than 800 young people for participating in effective electoral system in Pakistan to strengthen democracy. While as youth consultant with British Council I worked on Next Generation Report on issues of youth in Pakistan. I have been striving to change the status quo and climate of opinion of my society through Active Citizens Program of British Council. These achievements strongly elucidate my capabilities and make me a potential candidate. I envision myself to be the one globally-connected and locally-engaged, bridging the gaps and dissemination global knowledge and skills from grass root to policy making levels locally.
Now it is my sturdy urge to undertake my higher study from a top notch university of Germany in order to compatible myself in the complex world of policy formulation and implementation. I believe the German Institutions are more professional and provide better exposure and research facilities to students. I want to get a multicultural experience of studying from a diversified international class setting where I can discuss my views and opinions openly as well as attain different phenomena of policy knowledge. On top of that, I expect to develop a valuable network and relationships with policy makers and researchers from the programme, so as to benefit this world with a shared vision in the future.

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