My Motivation to Study Information Systems

Published: 2021-09-15 16:20:10
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My father owns a small accountancy firm. As I grew up watching my Father struggle to maintain his business records, I had hoped that the system of storing, maintaining the database and the retrieval of information would change as the record storage in the firm mostly took place on a physical level with hectic paperwork involved. Advancement in Technology leads to the development of many sophisticated systems and I experienced that things got easy for my Father. Physical storage of data in the form of files got changed into data storage in the form of computer files. As I saw this transition right in front of my eyes and the helpfulness and compactness of such systems, my penchant for handling and managing the data began to grow and I started to develop an interest in Information systems.
The academic curriculum of Bachelor in Information Technology presented me with the opportunity of learning about my interest. Subjects like software Architecture and Software engineering helped me identify the different platforms used for different systems and the steps that lead to the management and development of any software entity. Operating systems and Programming Paradigms helped me improve my knowledge about programming in C and JAVA. I Passed the MBTB (Maharashtra Business and Training Board) exam for JAVA certification with the highest possible degree. Information Assurance and Security taught the value and necessity of protecting and maintaining data during any type of process or transaction.But, the course on MIS in the Third year of my engineering was the icing on the cake so as to say. It is here, where I truly learnt the value of managing information. The different techniques such as Decision Support Systems (DSS) and Group Decision Support Systems (GDSS) convinced me that the information has to be supported on different platform but uniformly. The different courses offered me a good understanding of the major I wish to pursue and developed a strong foundation for the same. I also had the opportunity to manage some events in the Tech-fest of our college and I realized that it was the thing that i wanted to do.
My Final year Bachelor of Engineering project was the Textural analysis of retinal images for the early detection of Diabetes. The idea was originally conceived by a Ph.D. aspirant but implemented by our group. My responsibility in the team was mainly to suggest the different algorithms available and analyzing the accuracy of the same. We had to firstly mask the image and then had to analyze the image by using its textural features. We achieved an improved average accuracy of 96% for the first phase of the project i.e. Segmentation and the accuracy of the 2nd phase was approx. 70%. I was also entrusted with the added responsibility of creating and maintaining the database for the project. Initially, the segmentation accuracy was nearly an average of 80% for all the images but the group as a whole slogged it out as a whole for 3 months straight for increasing the accuracy up to the required standard. I believe at times I also played the part of the motivator in our group when things weren’t going our way and my teammates were feeling down. Now, we plan to implement our project in the famous Dinanath Mangeshkar hospital in Pune. I was also involved in another project in my Engineering days. I was involved in the development of a coaching class management project wherein we maintained and stored records of the employees as well as the students.
Academics should not be the sole focus of any student. It is with this regard that I participated in different extra-curricular activities during my college life. I participated in many team quizzes which taught me the value of team-work and co-operation within the team. I was involved in volunteering and managing ‘TESLA’, our college tech-fest for since the second year of Engineering. I also had the opportunity of being a part of the Eco-club of my college.
Being one of the founding members of this club, we were faced with difficult situations such as managing finances, increasing the club strength and spread awareness among the general public. The whole team was involved in trekking expeditions and general social welfare activities. Our club now stands 100 members strong from our college and we are taking efforts to expand it beyond our college boundaries.
My career aim of becoming a good Information system professional will be truly recognized if i get admitted into your university. Your prestigious university offers a detailed understanding of the course in addition to the reputed standards the university has set. I would love to be a part of the student body of the college and would strive to take the college to risen heights. I would hope to see myself becoming a good and knowledgeable professional and graduating from your university would go a long way in realizing my dream.

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