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Published: 2021-09-10 07:15:09
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As I ventured into grade school and high school, I was known as an average student just trying to get by. My grades were all B’s, I can’t even speak in front of the whole class, and my friends never recognized and mentioned any of my capabilities. I was the kind of student who wasn’t given any recognition for anything, be it talents or school achievements. I never had plans or goals of achieving something in the future for I had no confidence and I never believed in myself. But as I grew older and reached the 9th grade, I then discovered that I was capable of being one of the top students in my batch. Because of that one incident, I then started to have my goals and dreams in life—in relation with my education.
I first had a goal of being one of the known students with intellect and skills, which I then achieved when I reached the tenth grade. I started to recite more in class—which I never did back then—to be able to be recognized by my teachers and classmates, I studied in advance, got high grades in tests, and I even engaged myself into doing recreational activities. These plans and actions that I did have made me achieve my goal, of being known as one of the skilled and intelligent students. I also had a goal of being included in the top 10 of my batch. This goal of mine had me doubting myself for I knew how hard it was to have one of the highest grades in my batch. Nevertheless, it did not stop me from working hard to achieve what I have been wanting for the longest time. Because of my perseverance and drive, I was able to not only be the top 10 of the batch, but I was even the top 6.These achievements of mine in the past have made me realize that a goal is possible to achieve with perseverance, positivity, drive, and of course, a plan on hand. A plan is essential when it comes to wanting to achieve something in the future. It helps you organize your thoughts and it gives you control over the actions you would do. Because of my past achievements, I now have a new goal in life which I plan to achieve through planning every step I would take. Because of my chosen college, and of not it being a university, I have a goal of being included in the dean’s list every semester until the day of my college graduation itself. With this goal, I also aim to be accepted at a known company with high salary and be recognized as one of the famous writers. In order for me to be able to achieve these aspirations of mine, I need to first formulate a step by step plan.
My Plan to Achieve My Goal

Be recognized by my teachers. In order for my teachers or professors to recognize my intellect and skills, I will have to let them know and recognize my name by presenting myself through class recitations.
Avoid cramming and have time management. For me to submit my requirements on time, I need to have time management and to accomplish tasks ahead of time. By doing so, I would be able to accomplish my requirements neatly and comprehensively.
Always listen to class discussions and take down notes. By doing so, I would be able to be prepared for every recitation, seatwork, or tests given by the teacher during that day. I would let go of my bad habits during high school—of not having surprise tests—to be able to have higher marks in every surprise exams.
Have high scores in every test or project. By having high grades in every task I accomplish, I would be able to have a high GPA at the end of every semester making me included in the dean’s list. Also, my teachers would then recognize who I am and what I am capable of doing.
Always study in advance. Studying in advance would result to more knowledge about the subject or lesson which would be discussed the next day. It would allow me to have more recitation points, high test scores, and even a teacher’s recognition.
Have time to rest and have fun. Resting or sleeping is a necessity to every individual. I would still make time to rest and have fun despite my schedules and requirements at school. This would help me relax and accomplish tasks with ease and tranquility.
Always put God first. No matter how busy I am or how big my problems are, I would never forget to talk to God and ask for guidance. I would never miss Sunday masses even with my busy schedule. By putting God first, everything will fall into their proper place.
Join organizations or clubs. Being active in co-curricular activities would help me be a flexible student, of not having my studies revolve around me. This would also help me get better job opportunities because of my exposure and awareness.
Be included in the dean’s list. After all the previous steps have been accomplished, I would then achieve one of my goals—to see my name in the dean’s list every semester.
Graduate with honors. Because I have accomplished all the plans I made during my college days, I now achieved my dream to be recognized as one of the honor students in my batch.
Be a well-known writer. Because of my hard work and perseverance during my college years, I wouldn’t have a hard time finding a job because companies would want to hire me. This is the last goal I would want to accomplish so far. Having to accomplish such would mean a better life for me and would make me feel more confident in myself and in my capabilities as a person.

This step by step plan, which I organized myself, would help me accomplish my short-term and long-terms goals. This would guide me in every step of the way and it would give me more control over my actions when I reach college. This plan would also help me have a controlled, organized, and blissful college life ahead. When I reach my goals, of graduating with honors and of being a well-known writer, I would of course feel like I have achieved something immense that I never knew I could even accomplish. I cannot wait to feel that sense of being an achiever which everyone would be proud of. These goals of mine aren’t only for my own sake and happiness; all these are for my parents and of course, for God.

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