My Plan to Fight with a Problem of Job Creating

Published: 2021-09-13 12:30:09
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World to day is facing different challenges but mainly a challenge of job creating is still a heavy burden to almost countries since it is a problem its self and a root cause to many problems that almost countries and societies are facing like early pregnancies,prostitution,theft and robbery smuggling,poverty and many more that highly affect youth population.So I plan to put in place different projects or activities which will play a part in this process of job creating which is a solution to this problem of youth unemployment.
First I have a plan to start up a big agri-bussiness concerning modern pig realing,chicken realing by use of modern incubators and other innovative agri-bussiness project in future which will create jobs to not less than 50 youth boys and girls and above as it will grow, not only giving them jobs but also I plan to organise different seminors to encourage this youth people in my country to be open to this carrier of agriculture for them to make money by showing them many opportunities available in this carrier and provide them training,internships and financial capital to those who are willing by the help of different government boards put in place to support youth people,NGOs and other institution that was set up to support youth entrepreneurs like me to handle different obstacles that should hinder me both financially and in terms of skills in this carrier by providing me seminors and training adding to what i have got from leading and many researches on enternet.Not only this project I plan also to organise different events combining successful young entrepreneurs and this unemployed youth population to inspire them by telling them their long journey to wealth so that to make them feel confident and exploit the opportunities around them,not being fearful to apply for loans in banks,to do each and every positive profitable jobs around them without neglegating any, which will also play a part in this process of job creating.
I will also encourage youth to develop a culture of saving as a good way to overcome a problem of lack of capital that youth people use to face.By present from my small amount of my money saved I have already started by buying small domestic animals to my 5 neighboring youth for realing to get money for buying their own in near future which will get growing and make them to earn a capital to start up big things in future and so create jobs.

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