My Views on Plagiarism in Academic Performance

Published: 2021-09-29 17:55:09
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I believe that plagiarism interferes with the learning process. While plagiarizing and avoiding the diligent work of an honest student, a person does not become educated on the chosen topic. Plagiarism develops the skill-sets of deception and laziness while providing a false sense of the accomplishment of a finished academic assignment. In the College Paper Case Study, it seems obvious that R did not learn the subject material of his writing project. His copy and paste efforts were incoherent. While I cannot be completely sure based on the information in the case study, in my opinion, he had either (1) not ready the final version itself or (2) he read his final work but did not understand that it made no sense because he had not properly researched the material as required. Additionally, Reggie’s finished product is an example of a violation of each and every aspect of fraud and deception detailed in the University of the People Student Catalogue: plagiarism, fabrication, unauthorized assistance, misrepresentation, and collusion. Reggie’s work ethic and over-scheduled calendar resulted in academic stress.
I can see where it may be tempting to be less than diligent at times when completing academic work, especially when under stress and time constraints. It may seem as though a minor failure to paraphrase or a one-time failure to properly cite a source is harmless. Seemingly minor acts of plagiarism can lead to a slippery slope of greater indiscretion. Regarding plagiarism, it is extremely important to maintain the bar or standard as a fixed reference point of academic integrity. Even small indiscretions are inconsistent with the University of the People’s standards of the utmost of integrity in the academic work product.My strategy to avoid plagiarizing while matriculating with University of the People includes the following:
Prepare properly and fully for assignments.
Plan for the required time to complete assignments.
Attempt to at least outline and summarize my own thoughts on a topic before reading supporting sources to avoid inadvertently summarizing another’s thoughts as my own. This might be a challenge, as I may need to read something in order to inform my opinions. I may alter my strategy as I go. This is simply a device I plan to implement initially.
Regularly review academic standards, the definition of plagiarism, and the style guidelines to keep my mind sharp on those points.
Commit to maintaining academic integrity.
The above-mentioned strategies are important if I intend to reach my educational and career goals. A lapse of academic integrity, whether inadvertent or intentional, will jeopardize said goals. What a high price to pay for academic expediency. As uncomfortable as the stress of an impending assignment might be, the discomfort of failure and the forfeit of an educational goal would be far worse. I am particularly committed to this strategy because of the anxiety and trepidation I already possess with regard to the task of writing, not to mention the fear I have of plagiarism.
I believe that maintaining a commitment to academic integrity with regard to plagiarism will flex and strengthen my academic muscles, thereby creating confidence and relative ease moving forward in the academic process. I do not want fear to set up residence, so to speak, in my academic mindset to the point that I will not gain confidence in my own academic proficiency.

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