My Views on the California Water Fix Project

Published: 2021-09-10 14:00:09
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The habitat in which the people of California live in is rapidly ceased by harm. Harm that is caused by oblivious humans ongoing their everyday life. We as a society need to come together as one and save our habitat; that is where the California water fix plays a role.
What exactly is the tunnel project? The tunnel project is a project that aims to change how water is distributed from the Delta. Doing so this will restore thousands of acres of habitat, not only that but this will also reconstruct river flows to more natural patterns; this will fix issues in the health of fish, resulting with a higher fish population.As stated above, if this act is approved, we as a society could have benefits including the ability to maintain high quality water, capturing water from things like storms, therefore, we will have an abundant water supply, and preserving the quality of life. The quality of water is extremely important, as we as a society need it to survive and grow. Water quality would improve because when Importing low-salt water from places like Northern California this maintains our drinking water quality. Whenever there is a storm, we could have a place to store all that water from that storm. One of the main goals of this project is to help life and maintain it. With this project we can do that, not only can we have a larger supply of water but we can have a great source of water.
The California water fix project will cost roughly 20 billion dollars, and an extra 8 billion dollars to habitat restoration. The tunnel would go underground, causing no disturbance above ground to harm the majority of animals that live above the ground, nevertheless, important species including earthworms may die in the construction of the water way. With the construction of this water way, more than 100,000 acres worth of habitats would be created protecting wildlife so it can expand.
Personally I think that the California Water Fix is a very impressive and time consuming project. The project will take years and years to be put into effect let alone be finish. Although, when the project is finished we as a society can experience all the benefits it has to offer. This project is very expensive, although the amount of wildlife that is going to be saved is immense. Northern California provides amazing schools, and thriving business. If the water way was spread to Southern California, then they could receive quality water too!

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