Observation of 1st Grade Student Development

Published: 2021-09-29 14:45:11
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Category: Education System, Child Development

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Cognitive development
From observing the students, I have concluded there is a wide range of ability in grasping concepts. Certain students will get a sense of rhythm, dynamic, and other methods right away while others may take a long time. One student even understood this pitch group from a song, while others had trouble. Unfortunately, I have also found that if he asks students to give an answer out loud and the first person to speak is wrong, the other students tend to mostly follow. I think his methods teach well to stragglers and medium level students, but I do not think his methods work best with the advanced students. He cannot work with advanced students individually or ask them to work individually because of the age group and time allotted.
Moral development
Oh goodness, moral behavior is definitely has a lot of developing to do. Children at this age tend to stray from bad behavior more do to the fear of punishment and disapproval than anything. Also, good behavior usually means green points and maybe a trophy (for the class), so good behavior might also be the result of rewards. Usually outbursts are resolved by grownups rather than the students. For example, if someone is being mean the student will tell the teacher rather than working it out themselves.Physical development
I feel for the most part there are varieties in weight, but not height as much. From my perspective, there are the few tall people and really small people and the rest seem to be average. If I had to guess I would say the boys are a little bit bigger in both weight and height overall than the girls.
Motor development
I do not think I can give an accurate description of motor development because the children mostly sing and stand in this class. I see them run and crawl a bit, but I cannot give an accurate description of their flexibility, balance, and agility.
Social development
Since I see these children in mainly the large group setting and in short periods, I do not get to observe them from the social standpoint. However, I do notice children obviously talking to friends mainly in groups of two and three. Girls will want to play with other girls’ hair and students will hold hands. However, I do feel these children are more than willing to tattle on each other, so I do not think loyalty has development. I think this is appropriate for this age, especially since they are so young. They do not understand the concept of long-term friendship yet.

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