Organicco - Developing a Decentralized Platform for Industrial Waste Management

Published: 2021-09-15 08:40:09
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Agriculture is one out of many sectors that contribute massively to a country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) income. Our ecology is under threat as the current situation is not favorable. It had been reported that the continuation of soil erosion in coming years will leave us with less than six decades of farming. What would the world be like without source for feeding?
Industries are not making it easier either. There have been industrial wastes and the loss of revenue to this respect is valued at about $1.5 billion USD. With the U.K topping the list with about 500 million pounds, there was urgent need to salvage the industry. Multiple application of farming that includes use of organic materials such as chemicals and pesticides degrades the soil. We’re slowly losing the soil surface to this farming methods and it’s time to diversify farming methods.Countries and agricultural produce exporters are at the receiving end of export rates. Most times, they’re at crossroads over differences in Foreign Exchange. Their marketability because processing time of insurance and Letter of Credit is slow. These formed part of the basis that birthed Organicco.
What is Organicco?
As its first syllable suggests, Organicco targets solving issues in the agricultural and industrial waste industries by producing organic fertilizer from organic materials. It intends coming up with products related to green technology. These products will be sourced from organic materials and on conversion, will be used in developing natural materials that will be in line with its green technology. Product expected from Organicco is within the ambient of organic fertilizers that will feature in renewable energy, food production and biomass fuel.
An ICO is Eminent
Organicco is embarking on an Initial Coin Offering (ICO). Though many projects such as these have their ICOs, Organicco’s is special. The company is already worth two million pounds. It is then a wonder why they should solicit for crowd-funding. The idea is to raise enough capital within the shortest time especially with the prediction of soil surface loss and consistent industrial waste ongoing at the moment.
Funds gotten during the ICO will be deployed to three use cases. The first is funding top agricultural technology (agri-tech) companies littered all over Canada, South East Asia and the U.K. The second use case will be deployed in developing solution to pain points of traditional agricultural industry. Part of the funds will be used in developing an efficient payment system to be used by agricultural exporters. The other pain point to be met is industrial waste. Organicco will issue funds to partnered companies for development of animal feed and organic fertilizer. These companies deploy two green technology solutions (ecoDRYER and ecoHERO) to achieve this milestone.
Abundance of Food
Green technology is the way to go for modern day farming needs. Coupled with threats of soil loss in coming six decades, we might be left with no feeding options. Organicco through its partnership with green technology compliant companies will produce organic fertilizers for much food output. Green technology has been recognized as the alternate solution to regaining our soil.
EasiPayer – Meeting Exporters’ Pain Points
In times of food abundance, a good number of such is exported to neighboring countries in exchange for income. It seems many countries don’t have much food for their populace and this had reduced the number of food exports. The few countries that still export impose stringent measures such as insurance costs and hectic Letter of Credit processes on exporters and importers likewise. Organicco therefore came up with a new payment solution – easiPayer.
EasiPayer will replace traditional Letter of Credit and promises to make transactions faster and cost-effective. easiPayer is being patterned as an interoperable platform that can accept Organicco’s token and convert same to fiat currencies. easiPayer provides fiat currencies in exchange for its token.
The process goes through traditional banking model where the token gets deposited in the user’s bank account and he gets fiat equivalents in return. The process take about 2 hours and this is a faster way to trade without waiting unnecessarily for many days before your transaction will, be confirmed.
EasiPayer generates revenue from three channels: fees for mining the token, 1.5% when a user converts his easiPayer token to fiat currency and 0.50% for every transaction on the platform. Interestingly, easiPayer is not your everyday token. It is mainly for commercialized and its asset-backed format makes it immune to being listed as an exchange. So don’t expect finding it in crypto exchange listings.
Allocation of Tokens
Crowd-Sale: 60%
Team: 20%
Sales by Partners: 15%
Referral Program: 4%
Token Specifications
Name: Organicco Token
Token Symbol: ORC
Platform: Ethereum
Standard: ERC223
Exchange Rate: 1 ORC=£0.50 GBP
Total Token Supply: 120 million ORC
Soft Cap: £ 3.5 million GBP
Hard Cap: £ 35 million GBP
Accepted Currencies: ETH, GBP (Fiat) and BTC
Country: The United Kingdom

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