Outcomes of Having Plastic Surgery

Published: 2021-09-10 13:40:07
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It is crystal clear from today’s scenario that cases of plastic surgery have been frequently raised throughout the years. Plastic surgery involves the procedure that reshapes as well as molds a person’s body differently as compared from the way it original did look. Since, the trend is becoming more popular, individuals are deciding more to get plastic surgery done as well. People prefer going through plastic surgery to look youthful for business and some personal reasons. Looking on the brighter side of the plastic surgery, individuals can opt for rhinoplasty, eyelid surgery, treatment for male breasts, treatment for protruding ears and more on, all such surgeries also help in the upliftment of the mental as well as physical health of an individual. Besides the benefits, there are several side effects also of having plastic surgery frequently.
In the contemporary era, plastic surgery statistics reached to the peak in comparison from the previous year as it is becoming now a general trend for individuals. Within the essay, my major emphasis will be on benefits as well as the possible positive outcomes for plastic surgeries. A study was made before several years, proved that patients who are victim of the migraine headache can get it treated with the help of surgical treatment. This surgery basically involves the removal of the hyperactive surrounding muscles. Migraine pain involves the tightening of the head includes with the scalp, resulting in the trigger point. It was proved that by implementing the surgery, trigger point was able to eliminate. Moreover, the result was in the favor of the surgery as a good proportion of individuals believes that it is helpful in relieving pain and observe a change whilst for very few of them it was not proved to be helpful. Moreover, many approaches were made to bring out the possible positive outcomes for the surgery. An article was published to make the readers aware about the robot technology, especially applied to children of age group 3 or above as selected. “All procedures were carried out by the senior author, using three robotic ports and an accessory laparoscopic port if and when necessary”. Night time surgeries which took place at the time of night, people in that phase were offered overnight intravenous morphine. It was observed that majority of surgeries were successful without any complications whereas few of the surgeries involved too many complications. “Post‐operative complications were not robot‐related (one wound infection, one urine extravasation from a displaced ureteric stent)”.The outcome obtained was more reliable in case of children who preferred robot surgery. On the top of it a survey was conducted in 2015, demonstrates that a good number of new cases of breast carcinoma in situ are expected to be diagnosed.

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