Overview of the Ku Klux Klan

Published: 2021-09-29 23:20:09
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The KU KLUX KLAN was a racist, outlawed, conservative organization that was started in order to keep white supremacy in the USA could be seen as a terrorist group to lesser extent and to a greater extent it was seen as a freedom fighting group/organization.
The KKK was a group that took part in a revolutionary struggle to achieve a political goal that was to reduce the number of black voters in order to prevent the government from changing. The KKK came into existence after Nat Turners rebellion with an army of slaves in 1831 that left 54 white families dead. Nat Turner and the slaves carried hatchets, knives and axes and went on a k9lling spree in Southhampton county leaving mutilated white people. The rebellion was caused by the hatred of white because of the way slaves were mistreated and this was seen as God had instructed Nat Turner and his army of slaves to fight back for the way slaves were treated by the white people. The KKK then appointed themselves to prevent such events from happening because of fear of being overthrown and killed by black people thus they became the freedom fighters for the white race.The KKK was described as a terrorist organization due to their multiple tactics of intimidation through violence in pursuit of their white supremacist ideology. The members of the KKK used dynamite as a weapon of terror and destruction. The Klansmen started using dynamite bombs in January 1956 when the home of Martin Luther King was bombed in Montgomery and during that time various bombings were made and they were believed to be of the KKK. The KKK reign resulted in almost 70 bombings in Georgia and Alabama, 30 black churches in Mississippi burnt down and 10 racial killings in Alabama alone. The KKK used systemic use of violence to create a general climate of fear among the black population it was their way of destabilizing the existing political institutions. African-American men were killed by the KKK in order to prevent them or reduce the number of black voters. The first incarnation of the KKK in the 19th century originated as a terrorist group.
The Klan was famous for becoming vigilantes that did what was assumed to be the right and holy thing to do and this led them to murdering, assaulting and terrorizing the different non-white race groups especially the black race and this was fuelled by their hate based ideology. Although the KKK was seen as a terrorist group a wide variety of non-hate related groups where done by the Klansmen.

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