Pakistani Man Creates a Webpage to Monitor Imran Khan’s Political Progress

Published: 2021-09-13 16:00:10
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A Pakistani entrepreneur Salman Saeed got inspired by the ‘ObaMeter’, a unique web page that allows people to see if President Obama kept all the political promises he made. The ObaMeter enabled people to check Obama’s progress at a glance classifying his promises as completed, not completed, broken and compromised upon. Salman, therefore, launched his own webpage cleverly called About KhanMeter, Salman writes; “I created this website as a necessary project to have a transparent and objective tool to monitor all the promises that Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf’s chairman Mr. Imran Khan and his team made during their electoral campaigns. Indeed those promises are long-term goals of improving the quality of our population’s financial as well as health situation…”.
KhanMeter is an open platform website that allows any user to contribute towards it. This means that any person, in Pakistan or abroad, can comment in the discussion space within the website if it concerns any of the promises made by Imran Khan. They can also voice their concerns and opinions with regards to the government. Click here to check it out for yourself! The webpage contains a short-listing of Imran Khan’s hundred day plan. These will be kept track of with forty-seven indexes under 7 broad divisions such as:

In a country like Pakistan, KhanMeter is a significant tool people can use to check his progress. Since it’s user-made, this ensures that all data is genuine and not changed for political motives. “I am sure we will need this tool during the next elections so we can make sure we are voting for the right person and not just someone who makes a fool out of us with empty promises.” Says Ali Khan, a Political science student.
Some people do not agree with the initiative however, claiming that the burden of fulfilling these promises should not completely fall on Imran Khan’s shoulders and there has also been some discussion as to why such an initiative was never taken under Nawaz Sharif’s rule. Salman is currently trying to incorporate Imran Khan’s whole political manifesto into the website in order to expand it beyond the first 100 days. He said during a talk show: “Those who have voted for Imran Khan and his party are active now to keep an eye on their performance after they form the government in the federation.” Here’s to a new, prosperous and healthy country. Pakistan Zindabad!

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