Personal Operating Manual and General Preferences

Published: 2021-09-29 21:05:09
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I’m a well-organized professional person, keeping my personal and professional life balanced. I prefer to make weekly or bi-weekly schedules. Regular precise emails with bullet points regarding the day schedule and an afternoon lunch with the team make me work more efficiently. The emails are easy to check, save time and the afternoon lunch with the team helps me get on board with the agendas and algorithms required to complete the assigned project in an efficient way within the deadline.I sincerely follow the work ethics and expect the same from my team. It helps me in building a long-term healthy professional relationship with the peers.I’m more of a coffee person, you can always find a cup of coffee on my desk; caffeine makes me more concentrated and focused. If you want to surprise me with a treat, you can get me a cup of hazelnut coffee with a donut. I am most comfortable in building relations over a few cups of coffee.
I find it a little difficult to work according to someone else’s method. I have my own way of doing things. However, if necessary I am open to learning new ways of problem solving.I prefer challenging projects that in the long run will improve my skills. Working repeatedly on the same kinds of projects is something that I try to avoid, as it does not add much to my skill set. I prefer to work with a small team because it makes the process more interactive and less chaotic. Before starting any project, I usually make a flowchart of the execution of the project, which defines the different stages of the project completion and the results. According to my experiences before starting any kind of work, it is imperative that certain amount of data regarding the task assigned is availale to achieve the results in an outstanding way.Monthly performance evaluations and rewards boost my morale. I’m a very professional and straight forward person, so I’m open to feedbacks from the manager and the peers as well. If any of my colleagues wants to say something to me, I would appreciate that, e.g., if you have anything to tell me in regards to my performance not meeting your expectations, you should personally come forward to me so that we can resolve the issue and I can rectify my flaws. I personally believe more feedbacks help me to learn more. My father once said to me, “No one is born with life experiences. You struggle, fall, make mistakes, learn and stand up strong to fight another day.”I usually stay in the office after the office hours, so if any person wants to discuss professional or personal life is welcome to do so. I would be more than happy to lend a listening ear and a helping hand.
Talking about rewards, monthly bonuses and salary compensation work best for me.Official reward ceremonies and appreciations keep me motivated. I’m even more motivated when I see my peers excelling in the fields I coached them.
Leadership preference:
I schedule my week in advance. I keep my team updated about the project stages through formal emails. I like emails to be short and concise, preferably in bullet points. I prefer a cordial and informal environment in the office. In times of stress, I tend to distance myself for a while; usually I take a short walk or listen to music to clear my head. If anyone faces any difficulty in working with me, you can come and talk to me directly and we can solve the problem that very moment. This might help us in being good friends too. I often organize weekly lunches/dinners with my colleagues in order to know them better. I usually assign tasks to the team members according to their preferences and believe that they will do their best. Even if for some reason they do not deliver expected results, I believe in learning than the lucrative outcome. I do know the importance of keeping clients happy and hence, I strive to create a balance between clients and team members.
In case anyone wants to go on holidays, I prefer to be contacted at least 4-5 weeks prior to their vacation date with a report of the work done and the work to be completed in their absence, such that the company doesn’t suffer.For results, quality and quantity both matter according to a situation. I might prefer quality over quantity, e.g. I’m running a real state empire, I will prefer quality here, as the lives of many people depend upon it. I do a fair monthly evaluation irrespective of my personal relations with the team members. I offer higher incentives to the members with better results and customer satisfaction. I prefer keeping everyone updated about the project, e.g. in case of emergency the lead man is not available, the other team member should be ready to take his place, like the way Harvey Specter used to fill in Jessica’s shoes which in return made him the lead guy in the law firm.
General preferences:
I like to drink coffee during my working hours, as caffeine boosts me up and keeps me more concentrated. I generally prefer completing the work before the deadline and schedule the project stages accordingly, so that I can sit peacefully and make changes to the final report for better results. I prefer keeping in touch with the team members through emails about daily schedules and agendas whether working as a manager/leader or a team member/follower. The formal emails keep me updated about the work done and the work that needs to be done.

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