Applied and Professional Ethics Perspectives in Philosophy

Published: 2021-09-13 19:00:09
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Applied ethics as quoted by (Thomas Søbirk Petersen, Jesper Ryberg Applied ethics) is that branch of ethics which is totally devoted to treatment of different kind of moral issues in both personal and professional life. It is used extensively nowadays since the line of ethics is growing thinner day by day. In personal life issues like abortion and generally discussed by keeping applied ethics in mind, whereas in professional life issues like favouring one employee over other also comes as ethically incorrect. These days people just want to check whether what they are doing is legal or no, most of the people don’t care about issues like morality and ethics since nowadays personal gain is more important than anything else, to focus more on this point I would like to tell you about the incident that happened recently at my workplace. My workplace is basically a software house based on different freelancers working together. So there is a bidder who usually gets the projects for the employees. But 2 months ago suddenly out of the blue one of the programmers left the group citing personal issues, since this is a normal thing people coming and leaving so everyone wished him well and they he left. Then after couple of weeks we learnt of a big scam that happened with our software house that our bidder told us that when he was sending our samples to different new clients, some of them reported him for being a cheat since according to them that they already have those samples from some other account and are already working with the guy who sent them those samples. What is more difficult to understand is that when our bidder checked that account it was active from the past 1 year and had very high rating on the site. So what happend was that the person who left the job was actually using the samples from all the employees of the organisation and using them as his own projects and was building his own profile in the market.
Professional Ethics Perspectives
Professional Ethics as written by (Leandro Valente) is the conduct, aims or qualities that mark a professional person. It tells us about the qualities of that professional that what are the qualities that he possesses. Usually the qualities of a professional person should be trustworthy, competent, striving for exellence and always act within the morality guidelines. But as happend with us in our company the conduct of that person was totally against the guidelines of professional ethics, he basically just his peer’s work and used it for his own gain. This act basically violates all the morality guidelines, this was basically a betrayal on his part with all his fellow employees. This incident will affect the career of all those employees who’s samples he took since they can no longer use them to get any sort of job in any company because nobody knows where else he has used them, he could have used those in local companies as well. Another thing is he also had a big negative impact on the company as well because the company used to get the clients through the samples or previous work of their employees, but now after this incident they cannot do it and thus it effects their client market and due to this they will get very few projects and this incident could eventually lead to the downfall of the software house because the ‘would have been company clients’ are now his own personal clients. Another thing he did was he lied to the company that he had some personal issues and some of his peers may have been actually been worried for him and maybe they were trying to help him personally, this betrayed them also. Basically what he did was he threatened the livelihoods of all his peers that once he worked with.As stated by Thomas White in (“Ethics,” Chapter 1, BUSINESS ETHICS: A PHILOSOPHICAL READER (New York: Macmillan Publishing, 1993) ethics is that branch of philosophy that explores that nature of moral virtue and evaluates human action. This philosophical ethics is different to laws or religious cultures it differs from the completely as going against them will get the person punished, but going against the philosophical ethics won’t get him punished as was in that person’s case. Philosophical Ethics is different from other types of ethics as it is broader in nature it goes into the nature of the person. Philosophical ethics looks at the reasons why that person took a particular decision, sometimes people take unethical decisions due to some external pressure or the primary reason for them taking that decision is not self rewarding. Some experts of philosophical ethics state that reason should not be checked if a person has done an unethical thing because a wrong is a wrong no matter the reason and going unethical also is same. Whichever way we look at it he is wrong, If you believe in the mantra that any wrong is a wrong no matter the reason or if you believe that if a wrong done for right reason is right, in both of these narratives that person is the guilty party. He had only one reason in his mind when he did that thing of stealing his peer’s work that was ‘personal gain’. He saw that rising to the top of the ladder of success would be a long road, so he took the shortcut.

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