Policies of Joseph Stalin: Successful and Horrific

Published: 2021-09-14 20:40:09
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During his years in power Stalin ruled as a ruthless dictator who killed off his opponents and terrorized Russians. However he was viewed by his people as a hero who cared for them and was improving the lives of Russian people. His policies modernized Russia and educated the people however his policies came at a cost of millions people. His 5 year-plans aimed to improve Russia but he implemented them in a very terrifying manner. He improved the living standards of peasants by collectivizing farms however he killed 10 million kulaks in the process. Stalin’s improved living conditions for Russians to the extent of improved literacy rates, modernized Russian industry and collectivized farms giving landless peasants a home, eliminated unemployment and introduced employment insurance.
In Stalin’s eyes a modern Russia was a strong Russia, so he needed a skilled workforce. The only way he could do that was to provide a free and compulsory education for children. Now children in the Soviet Union were to go to school, and there they learned useful skills and improved Russia with their knowledge. As people could read and write they were able to understand the world around them and not be isolated from it. As more people became skilled, more people moved to the towns. The factories in the cities had terrible working conditions however the people who worked hard to meet their targets got their rewards. People who met these standards would receive incentives and enjoy life with better things than others. With more skilled workers who wanted to meet high standards, production soared. As these workers worked in heavy industry they needed to be fed massive amounts of food. This led Stalin to Collectivize farms another way in which he improved living conditions for Russians. During Lenin’s rule of Russia he let the kulaks sell surplus and agricultural production increased. When Stalin’s five year plans were in motion he needed the support of agriculture to feed the workers in his cities. This led him to collectivize farms so the farmers would be able to use modern technology to produce more. However the kulaks that already had success were unhappy about these collectives refused and burned their crops and killed their livestock. This made Stalin furious and he ordered that the kulaks be eliminated. However the damage was done and Russia suffered a massive famine. Collectivization was not a complete failure to improve conditions because the landless farmers now had hope. On these collectives all the peasants would share machinery and would work together to produce the amount needed for the cities. As this was 90 % of what they produced many peasants starved to death. With industry supporting agriculture and vice versa Russia grew stronger and unemployment was eliminated. People who worked hard would receive good benefits and a good standard of living.
The people of Russia who lacked the skill to industrialize Russia now were able to do high paying jobs instead of backbreaking work for little money. This gave them hope, Stalin gave them hope and they viewed him as a hero for it. To them Stalin gave them education, food and if they worked hard benefits and a chance to improve their condition. All this came at the expense of the people who were a little bit slower workers and they were treated truly terrible by Stalin.Many people in Russia died at the hands of Stalin which he used as a tool to motivate and improve the lives of other. As Stalin was eliminating people, others around them became afraid and worked hard to stay alive. This was one of the ways that he encouraged hard work when people worked hard they got the benefits included with it and progressed and increased the standard of living in Russia.
Stalin also had forced labour camps where people had to work in terrible condition they improved the living condition of others by sacrificing their lives. Stalin saw this as necessary to improve Russia and the people who died were there because they failed to keep up with the amount of work accepted to be accomplished. As these slower people disappeared newer faster people replaced them. And in this truly terrifying fashion Stalin industrialized a country with a backwards industry in 10 years. When people who criticized him emerged he eliminated them until only the people who either loved him or were willing to bend to his will emerged. Thus with brutality he forced the people of Russia to grow to be in the higher living standards that came with being more prosperous. Many people in Russia had to be forced to break their family traditions of family life in the rural areas and lived in the slums of the heavily industrialized heartland of Russia.With Stalin and the people in the Soviet Union many of the benefits that are offered to us now were in place then showing us that even though Stalin achieved his end through horrifying means he did accomplish a lot. Russia enjoyed prosperity and became a superpower of the world this was accomplished by the hard working people of Russia.
When Stalin died in 1953 with him died the standard excellence expected of all citizens of Russia. Stalin is today considered by a lot of Russians to be a hero of the people, because his ends were great even though the means were very brutal. He had given the citizens of Russia a reason to work hard to better themselves and their families. This in my opinion made him a successful man but his good results are stained by his terrible treatment of the same people he was helping.

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