Significant Role and Characteristic of Political Debates

Published: 2021-09-15 08:35:08
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Political debates are a main source of how the general population understands about who we are voting for. Media outlets are a way to shape the minds of the public who are voters. With these two formats they influence the public into how they elect the new political figure. The problem is how do they sway the population to elect them? By using fear and manipulation is a start. These tactics have been used for years. Either we as the people use heuristics or rules of thumb to elect solely on the basis of what has been passed down to us through disgust and judgment of morals through our parents. Or even the judgments we make through our experiences in life. So my case is why as a society do people not see through the tragic reasoning malfunction of politics and fear. First we will uncover what is fear in politics, second we will understand what is malfunction reasoning, and last we will discuss what and how we can prevent this while we vote.
Politics and fear have been going hand in hand lately. With how media and social media have been portraying each political candidate or deciphering the latest debacle of military action or police action. According to Corey Robin “One of the many unhappy byproducts of the election and now rule of Donald Trump is the return of fear to the political table.” (Robin). With this they are stating that because of the new presidency he is manipulating the general public through fear and essentially coercion so get the results the new president wants. Granted there are always two sides of a story and we need to just understand why this fear is the case. There are multiple reasons as to why this fear could be so widespread and that is because of how the media portrays the political messages. The people then read the messages and with such emotional responses coming from the media outlets plays out to the public to play on their heartstrings to sway them in one direction or another. That is the fault of the public to not do their research into these messages. Falling victim to the disgust and judgment of how either they were raised through morals or even not confirming facts.This is something that has to be determined by the upbringing of the people though. Through our session we have discussed about the disgust and judgment. Some of these feelings or morals that people have might be from their upbringing. Some of our judgments might come from our families or upbringing. It is difficult to pinpoint to a specific reason, though because of how we are raised we might gain some attitudes or generalization from our parents. Whether they are conservative or liberal, it is something that has been debatable for a long time if it is hereditary or not. Because people have free will and can think for themselves, each person has the choice to be liberal or conservative. Though if they have generally been raised in a conservative household they tend to be more conservative. This again can flow into Heuristics or rule of thumb, or even the threshold effect. It is easier to agree with what has been taught and what we have been raised with than to think for ourselves.
However, it is not just mechanisms for ignorance that can influence us, rhetoric of the media and politicians also give us misleading understandings. Many times these two types of people or organizations use loaded language to essentially overload the public with headlines that bring in strong emotions. This loaded language can draw in the public to their reasoning or even push away further the people. News corporations and politicians are notorious for this, using loaded language like “Vulnerable populations, from the undocumented to the LGBT community, from Muslims to Mexicans, are facing intensified harassment on the street, and surveillance, scrutiny and worse from the state.” (Robin). Using language like this can single out the population to the minorities to come out and fight for their freedoms. Drawing in their emotional states to make them understand their point of view that they want you to see, though this method being controversial it leaves the reader or listener open to interpretation to an extent. It is difficult to let someone to open their minds if you use this type of loaded language to draw in their emotions as in this case, to get the readers riled up that who they are talking about is against those populations.
Now with a grasp of politics and fear we will go into what is malfunction reasoning. Through our studies in this session we have discussed the many devices used in philosophy. Each one flowing into the other one. Starting with the mechanisms of ignorance we are generally divided into these categories. Granted this does not apply to every single person in the world. Some people are enlightened to be able to make their own decisions and follow through with those decisions and be able to decipher the problems presented to them. Then we go into truth, fact, and confirmation. Which helps us understand why we come with the decisions that we do. But, this is the interesting part for my point. Because of how we determine these must be brought to light. How to draw on our experiences and reasoning as to why we confirm.
Truth must be determined through epistemology, which is the study of knowledge. We have to determine what makes statements, theories, and beliefs true. So with my case study the person needs to be able to tell what in the loaded language is truth. Is it true when a politician says “Be afraid, Be VERY afraid! Of Ebola. Of ISIS. Of immigrants threatening to bring both threats across a porous border that can’t be protected by a President who can’t even protect his own house. Be afraid! Vote Republican.” (Ropeik). With this loaded language the public needs to be able to tell through confirmation whether or not how true this is. Has this been experienced by the person that people are physically taking their jobs or that ISIS is attacking them personally. This is through the differences of correspondence theory of truth and coherence theory of truth. Now again with the coherence theory of truth, we are able to understand that we are being attacked by ISIS not on ourselves but as an American on our soil. Whether it be here in the United States or overseas where we have military installations or bases.
We are able to move onto the Facts. Which we have two ways to arrive at conclusions, direct observation or reasoning without observation. Direct observation plays on truth that being able to view an even happening while observing we are able to have a reason and concluding that it is a fact. If we are able to physically observe an action then we can subtract the loaded language and know for a fact that an action has occurred. But, with reasoning without observation we rely on the facts given to us. Through the media or even politicians, which can be tricky. We will need to comprehend what is being interpreted to us through another medium. The difficult part about that is to be able to trust the medium we are receiving the information.
Moving on to more about facts. You will need to be able to understand the distinction of well-reasoned, supported, and justified beliefs. The thing about this though is it emphasizes on perspective. Which leads us into again judgment. How we have been either instilled with moral or attitudinal disgust. Though facts do not have to observed, the way we have to understand about these facts is that we have to understand them. Now there are news articles usually done by journals that are peer reviewed that is slightly more trustworthy. The only thing is that people have to be able to perform their own research to confirm the findings that are presented in the media or by politicians. As in a journal article it gave statistical information with proof and surveys performed nationally, which people can view and understand. This article decides to not use loaded language or any of the rhetorical devices that we have learned during this session. “The new national survey by the Pew Research Center, conducted August 20-24 among 1,501 adults finds that 33% say there are plenty of jobs available where they live,”(Smith).
Using facts though is important to come up with a decision. It is necessary to use these facts to understand how the politicians are manipulating us. Some use more than loaded language, relying on maybe telling the truth, but still misleading. While many people tend to use system one to come up with their decisions, since it is easier and takes less brain power. It can lead them astray as to the truth behind the politician’s motives. When fear is involved with this tactic the public will take the path with less resistance and whoever is more popular will get their vote, since they used their platform to get an emotional response from the voters. Using this method may not be ethical to most people. But, how can they understand if they are following system one in thinking fast. It is a continual fight with the voters and the honest politicians who have a platform that makes sense that they are fighting for. Along with this the different politicians choose the method they want to communicate with the public. Also, the media chooses their method to interact with people. All to elicit a response that falls into their favor, reasoning, morals, or attitudes.
Continuing on we will go onto confirmation and how we use our confirmation to make our conclusions and why we should not fall for the simplicity.

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