Principle of Chasing: the Key to Positive Mindset

Published: 2021-09-15 15:05:10
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The principle of chasing is a way of generating a positive mindset, a drive that awakens your ability to do the anticipated task.
As an achiever of great things or an aspirer achiever of great things you go through the due process of succeeding. When you have your motivation, you fight to get to the results. You chase the result.There is a difference between someone who is chasing and someone who is running away. When you are running away, your mind focuses on covering as much gap as possible so that you might not get caught. So, the main focus is on the chaser’s failure to catch you. I want you to take a close look at this. In this case someone’s failure is actually your success. If he fails to get you, then you have succeeded.
Look at the one who is chasing. He really wants to get whatever he is chasing and that’s the advantage. It gives him a wide space to think of the strategies to make sure that he catches it (appropriate process).
The second thing that you need to learn from a chasing principle is the architecture of success. In a race its either you win or you lose, you finish the race or you don’t? If you finish the race it doesn’t mean you are probably going to win, you might finish behind others. Again, if you don’t finish the race it doesn’t mean you have failed, you might fail to finish but ahead of others. By so doing you can see that success is actually process oriented than result oriented.
Everyone is afraid of failing yet it shouldn’t be one of the things to be scared of. Failing is only a room for correction. It’s actually the starting point of every second chance. When you understand the principle of chasing, you will get encouraged by failure rather than being demotivated by it. If you become so much obsessed by the results failure might be your first reason to give up which may lead to your destruction. You can end up not even trying, because you didn’t understand the simple process of success, the principle of chasing.
Failure is one of the modules in the process to success. It’s something that you need to appreciate. You don’t have to centralize yourself with the thinking that there is no failure. Failure might have different definition in the world of those who are positive but it will and still be failure. However, redefining it might give you a desire to chase more rather than being destroyed and demotivated.
The principle of Chasing also states that when you are in the highway to your success, choose to chase not to run away. As I said before that when you are in a race you are motivated by the results and focused on the process and also your dream is in catching rather than depending on the chaser’s failure to succeed. This can help you to be positive and stay focused on what you want to catch.
The reason why you need vision is because you need to have something to chase. When you write down your vision, your goals it’s like you are a hunter and his dog. You placed an animal in front of you and all you have to do is to chase it and catch it. You are giving yourself a target and when you have a target you are not distracted by the things that come in your way. Failure being one of those but you will not have to even worry.
What do you choose to believe? Do you have reasons for whatever that you do? Are you chasing or you are running away.? What’s the motivation behind everything that you do? What’s the reason for saying what you say?
Chasing in the word
* * *
In the previous chapter we talked about finding your purpose, we talked about doing according to the purpose. The principle of chasing is also one of the most essential things to consider when you are doing according to God’s purpose.
You have been discouraged, fighting for your freedom but it seems like it never worked or never works. The reason is because you are still running away and you can never stop until you give up.
When the devil is chasing you, his dream is that he may catch you, and he will never stop until he gets what he wants and you too, when you are running away, your wish is that you don’t get caught and trust me you won’t stop until he stops chasing you. But what if he doesn’t stop? You will spend the rest of your life running away.
Like I said, your success when you are running away depends upon the devil’s failure. So, my sister, my brother, you are just wasting your time when you run away from the devil because one way or the other one day he will catch you.
It is you that get weary not the devil. He roars like a lion every day and he won’t stopping looking for whom to deceive, whom to chase and when he finds one, he chases till he catches.
When a person is running away, he will be driven by fear, and fear will give you energy and power to run away but mind you that fear won’t lead you anywhere. Fear is my greatest fear in life, in fact that’s the only fear that I have because I know if I use fear to succeed, it will also use me to fail. But the time I start to chase, I will find myself strategizing on how best I can catch it. I will look at myself and strategize on how best I can get at least closer to my target.
Now when you are underestimated, you are discouraged I have a tip for you. Shame the devil today. Instead of running away from him I want you to ignore him and start chasing. Forget about whether he is chasing you or not because that might steal your strength. Chase God, chase righteousness and all what you are afraid of will be gone, Why? Remember where God is, and where his presence lingers there is the glory that protects it. Now that his glory will be on you, you will not need to worry about the devil and his angels. He won’t even come closer to you nor will he ever harm you in any way.
The other thing is when you are chasing God, chase will be just a word to give you a positive mind but the fact is you are just going to him, why? Because he is not running away, the matter of fact, he is waiting for you. What more would you want, just go to him and find rest. God will watch over you and he will care. He will give you and tell you his plans and purposes he has for you. He will tell that those plans are for your own good that you will have a better end. He loves you but you can’t enjoy his love because you are busy running away.
There is a story that we were told when we were kids. It is the story of a man and his double story house. It is said that he had faced a lot of trouble with the devil and he never found rest. So, one day he decided to get to God and ask for his protection and God agreed. He got home with him and gave him his bedroom, a nice bedroom to sleep but when the morning came he realised that there was no difference. The devil could trouble him in his kitchen and the devil could trouble him even in his dining room.
He then decided that he give God all his ground floor so that the devil couldn’t get in because God was there. The morning after he realised that in the upper floor the devil was still there and now it was becoming even worse. He the realised that if he couldn’t give God the whole house, then this wasn’t going to stop. So, he gave God the whole house and after that the devil never troubled him again.
There are times when you say, I want God to take care of my finances but my marriage, this one I will handle it. God is faithful and he will do as you wish but the devil won’t stop disturbing your marriage. It is time that when you chase God, get to him and give him your whole house to take care of. It shall be well with you and the devil will never chase you anymore.
I know there is an issue that has been debated for decades now between churches. I don’t want to address it but just to give a hint to those who seek wisdom with diligence not those who look for criticisms. There are some people that take the law at heart, walk with it so that they can fight the devil. They make sure that they know every single letter of it and there is no problem about that, even the bible says meditate upon it day and night. Where my concern is, is when they take perfection and put on their hands say they want to follow every single perfect way to shame the devil. One thing you need to know is that you can’t compete with the devil but you can walk with God. If you try to be righteous by your own power, you will fail because it’s a gift from God. What you all need to do is shame and fight the devil with the armour of faith and this doesn’t come by saying,
“Oh my God, I just lied, oh my God I just broke the 6th commandment.”
What you are trying to mean is just that I am so conscious about what the devil can make me do whilst you just need to be so conscious about what God can make you do. This is the practicality of the principle of chasing.

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