Promoting Yoga Street Art Around the Himalayas

Published: 2021-09-12 22:05:11
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The hidden meaning behind yoga is balance. It’s about how we balance everything in life and when we can’t we resort to it.Yoga has changed so many lives today. It not being confined to just our country says a lot about it. You don’t just keep your body fit but you restore every bit of your inner peace while doing it.
Places like Rishikesh in India, known as the yoga capital of India, are known for great yogis and how at peace people have felt after visiting the place. Well, there is something else that yoga has initiated.
Street is a bi-product of great retreats in places like Rishikesh. Visual communication is what this street art promotes. It’s all about saying a lot by not saying anything, that is what yoga also is.
The amazing street art in Rishikesh isn’t just limited to the obvious canvas. You will find it in places that are hidden and when you actually discover them, you will be entirely surprised. From buildings, to houses, to walls in the street, there is nowhere you won’t find this street art.
India is a place where art and culture are two strong pursuits. Yoga is our culture and the true art of living, while the street art inspired by it is art telling us about our culture. It’s all more related than you can think.
Yoga has been there in our country since ages and so has art. One would think why art and yoga? Why them together? For starters, both are an escape.
We city mice are just looking for something or the other throughout, something that helps us let go and be at peace for once. We need something takes us away from it all that tenses us. Well, both yoga and art do a pretty good job at doing so. Whether you do yoga or art, you get lost in both and find yourself.
Imagine yoga and art being together, that is when we have a deadly combination! This is why promoting yoga street art is highly important. It’s a revolution that our culture and art need. Renaissance wouldn’t have been that popular in the history if there weren’t so many people doing it.
Street art is the most independent form of art. You get to paint on buildings and what not. There is nothing more liberating than that. Yoga is what will fuel this street art will give it content that attracts people.
If you are a person interested in yoga street art, Rishikesh and the Himalayas are your place to go to. Throughout the hills you will find nooks and corners decorated with yoga street art.
The work done by these artists is so inspiring and helpful that you really want to get into yoga and see that change in yourself. Some artists even come to these yoga retreats for getting out of their art block. They end up getting out such great work after spending some time in yoga sessions.
You can very easily book yoga retreats in places around the hills through institutions like Yognamaskar. Their website is equipped to help you book packages and events as well. You Can join as a student or a teacher, whichever way you like. You can even get regular packages.
People go back to Yognamaskar retreats in the hills every summer to heal and rejuvenate themselves. So many of them have seen major changes in them. Putting in some effort is all it takes. Good things wait for you at the end.
Appreciation is all it takes to make something beautiful next time you see yoga street art, know that someone has been majorly affected by that. That was inspiring to someone that is why he/she has made this. That inspired person could be you too.
Promoting yoga street art is like adding a milestone in the history where we will be known by it.

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