Rafting in Trishuli

Published: 2021-08-31 02:25:11
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Nepal, a landlocked nation sandwiched between two giants India and China has been one of the iconic destinations for heavenly mountains and enchanting trekking paths. But in the recent years the country with nature as its wealth has been exploring and promoting a variety of adventurous sports, one of them being rafting.
Nepal is a country rich in water resource with studies showing its hydropower potential second to none in the world. Proper utilization of this resource has always been an issue but entrepreneurs have made a good use of these rivers introducing white water rafting. Surrounded by magnificent mountains, an outstanding selection of refreshing rivers that originate from the glaciers of the world ‘s highest mountains, with the rafting rivers ranging from grade 2 and 3 rapids to rides so hardcore that it can easily flip you into wild torrents of water, Nepal is a paradise for adventure seekers not only connecting them with the nature but also teaching them the true values of team building and leadership skills with around six people in a raft paddling together for a common goal. It helps forge a strong bond within the group which goes unnoticed at times with the exhilarating sensation of adventure.Trishuli is one of the more popular destinations for white water rafting in Nepal, offering breathtaking scenery, beautiful gorges and thrilling rapids. It originates from Gandaki river system and blends with Bheri, Marshyangdi and Seti as it flows ahead. Rafting in Trishuli is generally fast moving with some obstacles and smaller to medium sized rapids, some famously named as Twin Rock, Ladies Delight and Scout Upset.
Accessibility has been a major factor in Trishuli‘s rise to its current glory, offering rafters a day trip from Kathmandu, Pokhara and Chitwan, making it is an excellent choice for those looking for a short but an exciting river trip with moderately challenging rapids.
Getting to the rafting location, Charandi is pretty easy with about four-hour long drive from the capital. Once you get to Charandi, you will be greeted with friendly, enthusiastic faces of locals and fellow rafters and given a small orientation on rafting by a trained professional and then, the adventure begins. A three-hour long revitalizing experience with rushing adrenaline, you would never want to end.
The journey ends for you in Kurintar, if you have chosen a one-day package but many choose to stay overnight which is more recommended. Late night barbeque with music sessions, clear sky with sound of the river splashing in the rocks and sleeping in a tent; it does not get any better.
And at the end of it all, you will have a wonderful memory filled with amazing adventure, the place and the people that will always remain with you, giving you a yearning desire to be back in the waters again.

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