Reason Tell Sell Smacircle S1 Folding Bike

Published: 2021-09-12 08:30:08
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Among 5 of the products, we have decided to choose the Smacircle S1 Folding Bike as our company product. We did not choose the drone delivery service is because it was just a new concept but not so familiar to the citizen of Malaysia and it may bring safety risk. For the Vivo X21 and Smartwatch, there are a lot of competitors and dealers in Malaysia, so we did not consider to sell Vivo X21 and Smartwatch. The another product is Mi Band 3. This product did not satisfy their consumer in quality and material aspects so we did not consider to sell it.
The reason why we chosen Smacircle S1 Folding bike is because the environment of Malaysia is suitable to utilize ebike. The citizen of Malaysia may confront with the problem of traffic jam daily. This problem arises especially during morning when all walks of life are rushing to their workplace and school. Therefore, people can use the Smacircle S1 as their transportation if their destination are not so far. This help people to avoid from traffic jam and not late for their work and school. For the people who take public transport, they can avoid from crowded of people by riding Smacircle S1. Smacircle S1 also enable people to save their cost in parking fee and fuel. For example, when they reached their destination they no need look for their parking by just placed the Smacircle S1 in their backpack. This Smacircle also not required people spend amount of money to pump fuel because it is an electronic bike. The Smacircle S1 also an eco-friendly product. If people keep on using cars and motorcycle as their transportation, may cause the global warming to arise. (Refer to appendix 1.1). For proof, Cars and motorcycle emit carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases. Greenhouse gases capture heat in the atmosphere, causing global temperatures to rise. Without greenhouse gases, the Earth will be covered by ice, but since the industrial era, burning fossil fuels such as gasoline and diesel has caused global temperatures to rise by 0.6 degrees Celsius, which will continue to rise in the coming decades. Warm global temperatures affect agriculture, wildlife, sea levels and natural landscapes.
Apart from that, our targeted market is student. Based on the survey we conducted, consisting of 82.1% of them is student. (Refer to appendix 1.2). This shown that there is high demand in student for this product. Hence, we have concluded that the potential market we can target in is student. Smacircle S1 is suitable for the student due to it endurance and conveniences. Students can use the Smacircle S1 Folding Bike as their transportation to school. Parents are usually place their children to the school that in or nearby their residential area within 10km. Thus, students are able to go school by themselves without relying on their parent since the Smacircle S1 ables to travel 20KM.On top of that, it is safety to use.
The smacircle S1 contains sensitive electronic brakes. Smacircle S1 embeds a safer electronic brake than conventional braking that prevents the vehicle from rubbing. User can just simply press on the brake button on the handlebars and the bike will stop. Parents can be assured to let their children to use Smacircle S1 due to the sensitivity of the bike which reduced the risk of injury. For the student that shorter, the easily adjustable handlebars will fit their needs. They can adjust the handlebars and sladdle basen on their height. The handlebars are ergonomically designed, the Smacircle S1 features a soft and comfortable saddle for lengthy rides. This would not cause aches to the student. Furthermore, Smarcircle S1 made up of premium carbon fibre which able to carry and bear up to 220.5 pounds, 100kg. User no need to worry as the endurance of the bike is very high. By these all, we decided to sell Smarcircle S1 Folding Bike.

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