Receiving Gold Promotion and Increased Roi Benefits. Chosen Properties Overview

Published: 2021-09-15 23:00:10
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It has been a competitive year for Symphony Gold Status, as so many of the properties proposed were worthy. The decisions made are based on which would most embody Symphony and help NBC Universal maximize its return. The properties below have been chosen to receive Gold promotion:
Television Gold Pick
The NBC Fall Line-up is the best choice for Symphony Gold’s TV property because it embodies Symphony’s goal of togetherness. Symphony will be most successful because distributing Gold Status throughout the line-up will encourage the company to work together to cross-promote. This decision will allow the network to collectively increase productivity and maintain a cohesive culture. The two returning shows chosen are About a Boy and The Blacklist and the two new shows are Constantine and A to Z. There is word of mouth around the returning shows, although both still need Symphony’s help to increase views in the pilots. Blacklist needs support to compete with ABC on Thursdays, however, the Superbowl lead-in will bring in a lot of viewers for the pilot. It is not necessary to devote Gold solely to Blacklist because of that. About A Boy already has a fan base from the first season, but has less word of mouth than other returning shows and could greatly use Symphony. The two new shows will benefit from Gold because they do not have an existing fan base. Gold Status will guarantee their ROI and help increase the company’s overall ROI because of increased viewership. The Fall-Lineup has been a successful choice for Gold in the past and will continue to reach Symphony’s goal for NBC Universal to work together instead of competing within the company.
Creative strategy for the NBC Fall Lineup
The Fall Line-up has something for various audiences, making it a must see this Fall. The returning shows already have fans that have learned to love the characters and want to know what happens next. Blacklist’s Superbowl lead-in gives it unprecedented exposure. The strategy for the Fall Line-up will create a cannot miss feel around the new shows. The key message for this year’s line-up will be “Spice up your week” to remind viewers that there is something for them every weekday. Promotions will include numerous ad spots for each show, as well as a line-up montage to give simultaneous visibility for all shows. These spots will be showcased during the Voice and NFL games for ample visibility. Returning shows with huge followings, like the Voice, will be used as lead-ins for shows not already in the zeitgeist. And there will be extended sneak peaks released for each of the four picks.
Film Gold Pick
Jurassic World is the best decision for Symphony Gold’s film property. The first three installments created a huge following for the franchise and ensure that the property will do well opening weekend. However, it has been fourteen years since the third installment and the film could be forgotten if not properly promoted. The franchise has to be relaunched and Jurassic World needs Symphony Gold’s help to bring it to the forefront. Although there is word of mouth around the franchise, this fourteen-year gap has brought about a new generation of movie viewers that need to be converted into fans of the franchise.
Jurassic World has a huge potential in the box office. Jurassic Park III was number one in the box office opening weekend with $50 million in revenue and about a 3:1 ROI worldwide . There is room for the ROI to grow significantly for Jurassic World because of the increase in the international market since the last installment. Even though the profits will be shared with Spielberg, the possible ROI will greatly outweigh this cost. The film may be Symphony’s best shot at a billion-dollar revenue, especially with the help of Symphony Gold, and cannot risk losing this potential.
Creative Strategy for Jurassic World
Jurassic World is a must see film because the first three installments created a huge following for the franchise. Lovers of the first installments will feel nostalgia about Jurassic World Fans will anticipate this fourth installment after a fourteen year wait and need to be reminded what they love about the first three films. The creative strategy for this film will revolve around the tagline “A genetically modified disaster”. The strategy will involve over one thousand ad spots, as well as cast appearances on the Today show. Sneak peaks and behind the scenes shots will be released to get viewers excited about the technology advancements in this installment. Robotic dinosaurs can be built and placed at large zoos to interact with audiences of all ages and show that this franchise is bigger than ever.
The Bottom Line
This is the right strategy because it highlights properties that already have a large fan base, while also shedding light on new properties that could use Symphony’s collective effort. The Fall Line-up as a Gold Pick is an embodiment of Symphony because all of the shows will work together to cross promote. Jurassic World is also a great decision for Gold because it is one of the company’s largest franchises.
The Gold picks proposed will maximize the company’s ROI. For new shows in the Fall Line-up this decision will ensure their ROI. The increase in viewers for returning shows and for Jurassic World opening weekend will increase the company’s overall ROI. If a different direction is taken for Gold Status, the line-up’s new shows cannot be guaranteed their ROI and Jurassic World may not reach its potential. It is essential to continue with this decision so that the company does not risk losing its overall return.

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